New review: the Neon demon 31.07.2016

Familiar with the work of Danish Director Nicolas winding Refn for a long time well know what can we expect from his next work. He’s certainly a talented visionary who would be a great music video, but with the movie, in my opinion, the Dane does not add up.

It is very I love it “Drive” where I just love the combination of images and stunning works of cliff Martinez as composer. The story, albeit not the most original, perfectly fit for Refn’s style. However, there was really a story, straightforward and based on the book Salisa with the same name. In contrast to the “Drive” may consider “the Neon Demon”, where the writer speaks Danish Director. And the writer of it, frankly, no.

Every scene, every second polished visually, so that you can enjoy the picture, perspective, light and all that can then be used for the conclusion of “beautiful cinema.” Beautiful and empty. In their attempts to tell us something the Director (and writer) as if Refn speaks with a terrible accent, so that to understand it resolutely fails. No, we accept some plot and try to routinely monitor the development of the plot, but then begins to happen it is a visual feast, which Yes, is very impressive, but like any beautiful clip bears a low semantic load. And if in the first half of the film, Refn is still trying to keep some kind of dialogue with the audience and play according to the rules, secondly it is absolutely and completely detached from reality. Starts shocking, bloody, and, oddly enough, still beautiful action. At the moment of transition to the second part of the unprepared, the audience began to leave the room

The beauty is accompanied by music from composer cliff Martinez. As always a perfect selection, consisting of sinawava and vibrant electronics which together with the picture makes an indelible aesthetic impression. A great castes, headed by the young Elle fanning a long time and it has already proved all that to play it only in the Premier League. Jena Malone, who, unfortunately, rarely appears in movies on the main cast, here You a couple of times, clearly surprised. Will surprise You, by the way, an unexpected way of Keanu Reeves.

“Neon Demon” came to me quite ambiguous. If Refn turned out to show the entire movie in his spirit of the first half, the rating would be definitely higher, but what happened in the end… We used to evaluate the cinema to fill, giving a visual and musical parts of the role of accompanying elements. And when we lack the filling (part of the story, the characters, not to mention the “double bottom” and some basis for reasoning) we say that the movie is bad, or the entrance. “Neon Demon” is not “bad” and not “passing”, it is just different. Now I think that the film” I liked it to recommend it to anyone I certainly will not be solved.

5 out of 10

New review: the Neon demon 31.07.2016

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