New review: the night Before 27.07.2016

Sadly, but, apparently, this genre is gradually becoming obsolete. Whether we have become more cynical and less romantic, whether the faith of the audience in the syrupy “love story” finally died, and in any case have appeared over the past 5 years, a romantic Comedy more suitable under the definition of “sucks” or “almost sucks”. Where to put the tape — you be the judge, but will have to choose the lesser of two evils.

Sometimes you want to see something bright, kind, sentimental in the spirit of the Comedy with Sandra bullock or Jen aniston (in extreme cases). And in “the night Before” in addition lit up James D’arcy, and Anthony Lapaglia, and that now we can hope: what if?

What to say about the plot? Met two people on the plane and realized that they should be together. Original? Not at all! Million movies about it already. Well, let them! The most important thing — how to talk about it. And here begins the sad part is: all we are told, we have seen in dozens of pictures where all the events were interesting, and the epitome of talented.

Actually, to be honest, you could just write: do not waste time watching this nonsense. After the final credits had only one question: on the creation of tape spent $ 3 million. A bit, of course. Any rescued? But relatives of the actors, this masterpiece anyone else looked? The review was designated as neutral only because I had seen worse creations than this pseudorotations nonsense. Attention viewers, this tape is not worth it at all.

New review: the night Before 27.07.2016

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