New review: the Oath 31.07.2017

A small movie in terms of its contribution to the world heritage of cinema, but great for the Director of Baltasar Kormakur, who after some time spent in Hollywood, he returned back to Iceland. His “Oath” not exactly a hit like “easy money” or “the Girl with the dragon tattoo”, but the film certainly strengthened the position of the Director in his summary.

It should be noted that Baltasar kormákur as an actor stands out much brighter in this film, his character is a successful surgeon performing your duty, which is outside the chamber as well as any person is family. The older daughter, who had from a previous marriage, contacted by some cunning boy who deals drugs on the side, and pulls a young girl on the bottom.

A few warnings to the young man from his potential father-in-law effect many did not, and so Finnur decides to have a conversation with his opponent in a different way. By the way, unlike most movies of this kind, “the Oath” does not rely on spectacular component, the confrontation between the two characters is more of a springboard for thought than a pretty picture.

Iceland and its exterior is a big part of the atmosphere of the film, perhaps she was not as large as you’d like, but it is enough to add the other colors in the rainbow so not the confrontation of a young boy against the father of the girl.

6 out of 10

New review: the Oath 31.07.2017

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