New review: the Old men 13.08.2017

Brothers Ethan and Joel Coen are among the most important representatives of American independent cinema. Their signature style includes: an ironic satire on the conventional foundations of society, a large amount of black humour and a good mix of serious and absurd elements. While the brothers often experimenting with genres and take pictures on different topics. This film stands out from the overall filmography of the Directors for their originality and conscious departure from his directorial style. And is considered the best in their rich career.

The film is an adaptation of the novel of American writer and playwright Cormac McCarthy. The tape is designed in the spirit of the classic Western, but in modern reality. She’s very naturalistic, and combines several genres such as: crime drama, Thriller and neo-Noir. This is a dark and realistic movie displays the best qualities of our society. In the film there is the usual division into good and bad, each character appears ambiguous personality. The plot is intricate and the finale gives answers to all questions occurring during viewing questions. This impresses the viewers.

In the picture reflected different issues. This philosophical and existential reflections, as well as questions of morality and ethics. Also addresses the pressing problems of the common man, especially noticeable in the actions of the protagonist Lewellyn moss. All the action is filled with hidden symbolism, complex motives, and ideas of pessimism and nihilism.

Gorgeous cinematography of Roger Dikins allows you to enjoy the beauty of the desert, the wild landscapes of the American Outback. Although the atmosphere is not joyous, but rather imbued with depression and hopelessness. The almost complete absence of musical accompaniment encourages to emphasize the gloomy atmosphere of the events. The authors quite accurately managed to convey to the audience the General mood of the tape.

Josh Brolin did a fantastic job, fully playing the image of a simple man on a fateful destiny trapped in a difficult situation. He is not a role model, but bad not say. But the main star of the film was Javier Bardem. His character Anton chigur appears to be the most colorful character in this story. Cold-blooded and ruthless assassin with a formidable countenance, he inspires fear only one-curdling look. Gorgeous role, which brought well-deserved Oscar. On the second plan there are woody Harrelson and Tommy Lee Jones, who plays a small, but significant role.

The old men is non-standard and atypical representative of the genre of crime drama. Atmospheric, slow, non-trivial developments, as well as breaking the stereotypes of the film. Not for everyone and not everyone will understand, but the view is definitely worth it.

8 out of 10

New review: the Old men 13.08.2017

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