New review: the omen 27.07.2016

“The omen” — is a cult of his time! Those times when I was in fourth grade (1995, 1996) memorable for people of my generation premium movies and, most importantly, incorruptible sincere fresh perception. “The omen” is one of them.

But, saw in those years, three movies about a boy, teenager and adult, I almost forgot them. Remember that was crazy scary! But somewhere in the beginning of the two thousandth I read the book. And have it I remembered the plot of “Omena”… And the other day we peresmotrel family.

And Yes, the plot coincides with the plot of the book. However, the picture of Richard Donner this time I thought… well, if not constricted, the long-running. I mean, I kind of was expecting more mystery, but I did watch rather a series of some quests, like “Indiana Jones”. Well, it is clear the same — a rough comparison…

Mysticism is, was and will be. And not going away from here. The boy Damien is simply captivating and you fall in love. In General, me before wildly interested in the movie and book works, that there appeared the devil. Here, some kind of I was…

Well Damien is like… the son of Satan!.. Starts the trilogy (for me these three films and no more) with the fact that Damien has a negative impact on others. There, the nanny hanged herself at his birthday party with the words: “Damien, this is for you!”… A dog… a Rottweiler… this New babysitter, who is even clear who Damien is… Well, the search for a solution.

That’s all I wanted to say on the first part. Just then I greedily swallowed every scene, every frame, and twenty years later (this past weekend from today) I have wanted savory moments. So as soon as possible. But that is no reason for me to somehow think about reducing the assessment…

I remember I was then the coolest thought the second part. We must get her to reconsider…

10 out of 10

New review: the omen 27.07.2016

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