New review: the Orphan of Kazan 17.06.2017

Very good, fun, easy and truly a Christmas movie. The film, which is good to watch with the whole family. The film, which does not carry any negativity and gives a good smile and laugh.

It hardly makes sense to retell the plot, it is simple enough, but how great he played! The film is not just turned, he turned out the way should be a family Christmas movie — Christmas, sparkling humor and, most importantly, I think, with the hope of a Christmas miracle!

All the action takes place in the village, in a particular house, in a separate piece of the world where the three new people, each of whom came into this world to bring a little of their genuine warmth and, perhaps, to the fact that he didn’t receive in life, and most importantly — to escape from loneliness.

The film was shot in 1997, already 20 years ago, but I watched it a few times and gladly review the case again and again.

What a stunning ensemble cast — Oleg Tabakov, Lev Durov, Valentin Gaft! Remarkably played its role and Elena Shevchenko. Even Nikolai Fomenko did not spoil the overall picture, although it would be hard to imagine this film in the role of village of the groom. And you know who I would like to mention? Not guess, but it’s the hapless apprentice, a role so well played Misha Filipchuk.

And the music! At the mere mention of this film, in the soul of the music, which permeated the whole film, gently setting a light tone of Comedy, fun and approach of the new year holiday!

The movie was emotional, with subtle humor and a good ending, I recommend to watch it all! He’s part of that collection of movies that you want to watch and review. For me this is the main evaluation criterion.

9 out of 10

New review: the Orphan of Kazan 17.06.2017

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