New review: the other side of the moon 2 28.07.2016

Valiant operas of Mikhail Mikhailovich Solov’ev (on the first season some lunar Makar appeared in 1979) again dies under wheels “the Zhiguli” Red. And, accordingly, together with the Red again somewhere there tolerated. Namely, to their historical Homeland, i.e. in 2011.

Now TRU-La-La! The main focus of the century: on the court in 2011, and the Soviet Union will not go away! Pioneer ties, machines gazvoda, on the roads instead of the six-hundredth “Mercedes” ride four “Muscovites” with “penny” Togliatti masterpieces, new yellow taxi dressed in twenty-first “Volga” and on a blue sky hovering majestically some iron monsters (it later turns out that the air traffic police, but in serial the history of this triumph of Soviet technical thought somehow take part is almost not to be)

In a happy Soviet future, no maniacs (the latter was detained for more than 10 years ago), the killers, Coca Cola, chips, cigarettes, mobile phones (instead of them — “pickpockets” with circular dial and two buttons, yellow and red), and do a lot of things there, and a lot of other things there. Abroad, by the way, dream of a life exclusively in the Soviet Union, from Israel fleeing settlers, and the scenes of the red with full house theatre is smash — hit production of “Marcas”.

The Soviet people are as pure as Agnecy, do not lie, and if they steal, it is somehow harmless. I’m sorry, like, me, good people, I’ll never do it again.

But the queues in the Soviet future left. And orders too. For example, “hustler” is powered by four heavy batteries “Crown”, while in one hand in kulttovary over the counter three.

But all this stuff compared to the happy Soviet life, in which the COP Solovyov and do nothing, if not for the Ginger maniac.

He really like to kill!

And no one is looking: what freaks, comrades? On the court in 2011…

After all, pure Comedy, really? With elements of social dystopia. Nepahannoe field for creativity!

However, in the annotation to the series in black and white: drama! Where you saw the word Comedy? Therefore, we will kill!

And here is medugorje — rod brake ideas. People are dying for real! And it turns out, Pavel Derevyanko (Maxim Solovyov), it is not clear what to play. It is any wonder the cute tricks of the world, whether to empathize with the death of loved ones.

Stylistically, the way the Soviet 2011th built on cinematic sample “guest from the future”. Hair style for women under Alice Seleznev, a sort of a-La-pot, and even Red, first appearing prior to Solovyevskiy eyes, playing in the hands of a bottle of yogurt (a La space pirate). But that movie was solid, and it’s not.

All a joke — nedostatki. Satire? No. Comedy? Well, Yes, quite often Comedy, but death is quite dramatic, and when Pavel Derevyanko begins to experience scary-it was awkward, uncomfortable, or something…

In General, it is difficult to get to the finish line. I missed the whole sereznyy part, and of the 10-episode stepped from the sixteenth, final.

And here in it — real tough!

Red captures a terrorist school. Takes children hostage. And it’s some incredible farce. Don’t understand how you can show on TV — except for the mockery of people’s feelings (still fresh in memory and Beslan and Budennovsk and Nord-OST), no other point in the episode I saw.

The first season of “the Back side of the moon” was for thirty years about the time “when trees were big”. And the devil hiding in the details. Continuing on the same path, the second season was already about our time, “if the trees were big”. And Parallels it is impossible to avoid.

That’s why the disappointment is so great.

A period of lost opportunities — that objectivity, through which we vitally went.

And in the series this was reflected not just the idea promised a lot. But it turned out as always.

Is it worth watching? No.

It is not the reverse of vulgarity, then her face.

New review: the other side of the moon 2 28.07.2016

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