New review: the other side of the moon 2 31.07.2016

The first season was not looking — not mastered, and it seems the second series, so my review needs to be objective of others. Unlike the first, the second season much. Again, the important role played by the lack of comparison with the first season.

Good option the future without God in a particular country. I must admit, I like the Soviet Union and the authors of the film quite accurately calculated alternative with the Soviet Union in the XXI century. Future relatively free of violence, free education, medicine, toys for children and who would have thought, ice cream. There are no social tensions, all in business, law enforcement a country develops near space. And most importantly people are better, although it’s all relative and in an emergency situation, who knows which side will turn every. But us shows only, mostly on the bright side. And rightly so.

Most amused pocket phones. Pocket they are certainly hard to call, the hint was understood. Still surprised by the divorce.

The actors played their roles for 5+. Particularly pleased with Ivan Shibanov. The real maniac. Derevyanko as usual did not disappoint. Pleased with all recruitment of young Actresses — well, very cute.

From the beginning I could not believe in a happy story, which nevertheless was so unpredictable that by the end it was not clear what will happen next.

Scores are reduced at too steep a story in the last episodes. There was a feeling that the Director had to finish the series and he decided to speed things along. The growth of Pavlova more than Solovyov. As it could not notice the staff gosbezopasnosti? Pavlov himself so easily dealt with — can’t believe it. All KGB officers some are weak and pass out once or twice.

And finally about the main thing. In the film each played their role to the end throughout life, starting from the first episode. Even Savrasov has not changed his habits and became a regular by the Secretary-General — visible to the habits of the KGB. Also in the real (actually an illusion) of life — we play each role. Precisely played. The time has come for everyone to break character and be aware of who you are. But it will be incomprehensible to those who have not played enough in this world of illusion. But as they say, all the time. And everyone will have to choose between Light and Darkness. And the decision must be taken by yourself.

8 out of 10

New review: the other side of the moon 2 31.07.2016

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