New review: the Pandavas 28.07.2016

And as they have been associated with this movie? Yes, in principle, no way. Unless you take into account that by the end the forces of evil fought five angry and killed the life of men, but before these evil forces can fight “the Pandavas” on most do not play, taking them all the most expensive. In General, the Director this time overdid it with the evil villains, especially Kieran Kumar, this kid turned out, she would have burned it alive, as it did at the end of our heroes. Of course, it’s inhumane and all that, but again, it serves the scoundrel.

If in order, how they came to such a life, then let’s begin again: Hooray, Hooray, I finally reached 95 aksaisky movies, and then just announced “the Pandavas”. A rare stroke of luck, though the movie and mediocre — the clichéd donella, stamp on stamp stamp whipping. So look it can only ardent fans of Akshay Kumar and all those who love action mid 90s This is quite a hard film where akki plays — well, who do you think? Police!!! By the name of Vijay!!! this name has stuck to Akshay, as Rahul for Shah Rukh, at the time, he’s in every second film was Vijay. Originalnenko in General. Here he is younger brother of inspector Ashwin (Mukesh Khan). They all live together, the older brother with his wife and young daughter, and a younger brother. And here the younger brother begins to suspect that the elder sold to the local criminal don (Kiran Kumar). Initially, the dons had two, but one was removed in the process. The whole point is that the inspector actually sold the criminal — just for fun. It’s like, you ask? It is a cunning and ingenious plan of the Commissioner of police and inspector Ashwin, a plan to implement a gang, so I think it’s called. All activities are conducted in secrecy, at a glance it seems that Ashwin — another corrupt COP, what is it and accuse — first my brother, then his wife. Ashwin crying, suffering, but remember your duty and don is trying to twist the RAM’s horn inside. But everything goes wrong… And ends badly.

The cast I have no complaints at all. Mukesh Khanna zyrkaet your eyebrows, Akshay was going all out, girl (Nandini, Kanchan) not Tinker. One Prithvi (he was an actor in the 90-ies, the famous film — the Singer) were wooden, but compared to other young men it is not conspicuous. The men behaved absolutely tight, especially remembered how they took revenge, once cremated daughter and wife of the inspector and the scene of the oath, and then, when they dressed in black coats paid homage to all on merit. In their faces was read bulletproof anger and dumb rabies. They figure that they will then behave as people behave themselves standing on the edge. Or even rather, already fell into the abyss, and on the way down trying to take as many enemies as possible.

Of course, this film is not one of Akshay. Here are five of the Pandavas, the five warriors of light, and everyone has their own sad story…

9 out of 10

New review: the Pandavas 28.07.2016

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