New review: the Passage 22.06.2017

Not action-Packed Thriller turned out to have an unknown Mark Heller, but rather a decent guide for beginners, which can safely be included in a number of other materials for instruction.

What we can hope is for good scenery of Marrakech (Morocco) and the magic of Eastern music. Otherwise, all of the eventfulness in a poor wilderness. Don’t take my words literally. The noise and DIN of the Arabs, everywhere straightening the chest of Americans (my own exaggeration), and the hustle and bustle of wholly lacking. But that’s only the straightness of the performances of Mark Heller kills all the interest initially. Pretty formal development of the plot, somehow brings everything to a logical conclusion. But the fact that the film is almost no any details, which would be the only way to engage the viewer and negates all possibilities of the film. And, in fact, very relevant and important subject in the ribbon, Mark Heller. The actor Neil Jackson (who also played one of main roles) limps for the simple reason that none of the actors was not disclosed as an individual. The story is about two average American man, who came to the home of djinns, flying carpets and Oriental dances, sure enough after reading the “textbook” about the mysterious charm of the Arab world. But it is only a fairy tale but a reality in any corner of the world can play havoc with the visiting foreigner. Behind a screen of fake smiles forever hiding the secret plans, and the frowns of the local provincials do not always bury the hostility. Hero Stephen Dorff (Luke) drew the attention of Moroccan, which, of course, knows how to speak English. And as they say, in between “skips sparkle”, with the result that their acquaintance is renewed and develops into a Platonic love. Serious Luke (Stephen Dorff) and crystal clear feelings for Zahra (Sarai givati), manifest in every gesture and look first.

Luke and his friend Adam (Neil Jackson) this “hot ocean” as if mentally digesting, attempting to drown them and throw waves on the shore, leaving in the lurch surrounded by swarms of bloodthirsty sharks (Let my words mislead you, this is just an attempt to Express thoughts in a metaphor). But all that is offered to us in this story is a retelling of realism in the dry residue. Without some sort of strong artistic techniques and sbalansirovannoe of suspense. The painting “The Passage” more vague drama, which crapily the elements of a Thriller. Ribbon Heller’s optional to view, as it does not have the ability to offer something new, or to touch you acting. But why not take this creation is morally correct and instructive component. And, personally, I was pleased with quite a good operator Jim Deno.

New review: the Passage 22.06.2017

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