New review: the People vs. Larry Flynt 22.06.2017

“The people vs. Larry Flynt” is a film directed by Milos Forman the life of the person with the worst taste in the world but which was, at first glance, is free. The film is about a man who wanted to “honestly earn” big money. The film is about the essence of a glorious American democracy, equality and freedom.

Larry Flynt — a man with ambition, producing the most scandalous and the most depraved magazine of all time “Hustler”. He liked sex and girls, so one day he decided to realize his idea. Why not? He will do what he wants and earn a lot of money. However, his actions caused quite a controversy in American society. Some adored and encouraged his work, others were ready to SWAT him like a fly, which only makes that shit and carries dirt.

Larry Flynt gave the society what it itself could not afford. He showed men the true essence of sexuality in all its manifestations. Most brightly it is expressed in erotica and porn. At first glance, they are similar. However, there is an important distinction: porn shows sexy with a bad hand, debases it, and erotica are intended to show the beauty of the human (animal) nature and passions. Giving vent to his sexuality, he recognizes the depth of the essence and nature of their feelings. He knows freedom. That is why sexuality is so important to people. But not everyone can admit it. That’s why the elite, the “cream” of the American society condemned the activities of Larry Flynt and tried by all means to eradicate it. And here we face a paradox: America, the whole world screaming its democracy, fight for freedom, right here, on level ground, denies and condemns that the freedom of speech. In that case, where is the logic? It turns out that this is not equality and pluralism, and some kind of democracy-a werewolf.

Thus, when it comes to absolute freedom, morality immediately deny it because it contradicts well-established principles and norms that have evolved historically. That is, any political regime, either democracy or totalitarianism will attempt to constrain absolute freedom, because it is dangerous, unreliable, uncontrollable, what you can see on the example of Mr. flint, the former absolutely free and do everything that he wanted.

However, let’s see what brought such freedom. The end showed that his passion had taken possession of him so that he burned out and left empty inside. Thus, freedom is not always good. Human nature is arranged so that the more man is free, the more he destroys himself. Therefore, you must always listen to the voice of reason and to take life more practical.

As for the technical side of the picture, and the script and direction and music are great. Selection of actors deserves the highest praise. Woody Harrelson is perfectly conveyed the image of the main character. During the movie you can see some swagger in his game. The naked eye can see that this role is close to him, and the character he is perfect.

Now a few words about Courtney Love. Many people believe that it does not play its role. I agree with this statement because you know her biography. No one would be able to play Althea as she did. Courtney is excellent in this role, because, in fact, played herself. But there’s no denying that her every appearance on the screen was simply enchanting. It gave the film even more expressiveness and vitality.

In the end, have a good quality, balanced movie, eye-pleasing and thought-provoking. Everyone can gain from it something of their own. Someone Larry Flynt and his wife Althea will inspire for new achievements, but will disappoint someone their way of life. Perhaps there are those who will be able to discern in their actions a middle ground.

10 out of 10

New review: the People vs. Larry Flynt 22.06.2017

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