New review: the phantom of the Opera 22.06.2017

Their familiarity with the film began in early childhood, then it is not understood and not appreciated. After 10 years, maybe more, decided to revise and, frankly, satisfied. Don’t like drama, tears, nurses, etc., but then I proryvalas from the heart. Loved it! Touched to the core.

Of course, not very comfortable but that talking with the dubbing, but the original singing, and for those who are unfamiliar with the language is not very convenient. I sometimes had to pause to safely move the heard, and sometimes even scroll back.

Voice actors are absolutely stunning, so expect the original to look at.

As for the plot:

I have not watched the musical, didn’t read the novel by Gaston Leroux “the phantom of the Opera” and other movies, too, not watched. We can say that this is my first acquaintance with the Phantom of the Opera. A hero is not caught and was not impressed with Raul. expected much more for the whole movie just waiting for when he will be revealed, and in the end even hurt.

I recommend everyone to see. No matter whether you like it or not, will not be superfluous.

New review: the phantom of the Opera 22.06.2017

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