New review: the place beyond the pines 13.10.2017

If you fly like lightning — crash of thunder.

“The place beyond the pines” is the fifth feature film by the American filmmaker Derek Cianfrance. A film triptych in a crime drama setting. Was first shown at the Toronto film festival in 2012, where he immediately received a lot of accolades and reviews. And coming in 2013, the total rental was subsequently listed in the ten best films of the year.

“The place beyond the pines” it’s quite simple, but no less compelling story that raises a very important and profound questions. This is the story of a simple guy, motorcycle racer, suddenly learns that he has a son and is trying by all means to be there for your child and be a good father. Refusing to continue the tour with his stunt program, Luke Glanton (one of the main characters in the movie) decides to stay and care for his newfound family, which, by the way, is already a worthy replacement for Luke in the person of Kofi Kencana — character Mahershalalhashbaz Ali. Of course, by all the laws of life and of the genre, and in the absence of well-paid work Luke can’t provide for their child properly. And seeing no other way out of the situation, decides to accept the offer Robin (the person he works in the garage) — to Rob a Bank. Which subsequently leads the stunt-racer fatal encounter with police officer Avery Cross. Whose name in turn is more than a symbolic allegory, denoting the English word “cross”. After all, the point of this fateful meeting and irrevocably crossed, as the fate of Luke and Avery and the fate of their future generations.

Structurally, the plot is divided into three equal associated with each other stage, tells the story of three different people. This form of presentation seems trivial fascinating and in some degree even innovative-unusual. Especially surprising is the transition from the first to the second part of the narrative, which, even sophisticated audience, at first, can result in a feeling of a light stupor.

In the course of the story, Derek Cianfrance raises questions of the relationship of human destinies, the value of life and its cyclical continuity of generations, rates of casualties. And moderately restrained form the problem of the role models of children are their fathers.

In addition to the well-developed script, complete immersion in the story contribute to the remarkable acting. Sometimes I had the impression that in front of me are not well-known actors, but real people with their real problems. Separately want to highlight Bradley Cooper, playing a confident persistent and unscrupulous, ready to go over the heads for your own gain, on the outside, but tormented by conscience and a beating in doubt, rots a police officer inside. This is one of his best roles. Dane, Dean and Ryan Gosling presented a very decent, interesting and confident performances. And the last once again proved that he can do it as a Comedy, and a highly dramatic role. The second plan in the face of Eva Mendes, Ben Mendelsohn, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali and others also can hardly be accused of incompetence in relation to the first, of course, if not to take into account the fact of the length of their roles.

The film is based is quite simple. Sean Bobbit (the operator) is not pleased with us any incredible scenery, long and extremely long plans or aesthetically pleasing, centered frames. But this is not required. Because Sean shows a completely personal story, creating an intimate atmosphere of melancholy life. What also helps very organic soundtrack by composer Mike Patton, the main theme of which — “The Snow Angel” for a long time will lull your restless mind the cold and dark evenings. While the scene photos of Luke, Romina and their son sticks in your head.

“The place beyond the pines” is a great example of the endless debates on the topic. It’s an incredibly uplifting movie that can bring the bright colors in the grayness of everyday life routine. Movie is not for everyone, but for everyone. This is a film about people and about these people’s lives in a world of endless victims, suffering and the search for happiness. In a world where everyone wants to find their place under the pine trees.

8 out of 10

New review: the place beyond the pines 13.10.2017

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