New review: the Plane flies to Russia 05.10.2017

In my childhood, the main entertainment was a VCR and large closet video that I have watched from day to day. On one of these erased tapes was this action Comedy Director Alexei Kapilewicz, filmed in difficult times for the country as a whole and for the national cinema in particular. Amazing what effect was produced on me by this picture, even though my children’s age. In our time, the film is unjustly forgotten, but in vain. With this wonderful childhood memory, I want to share with you.

It’s surprisingly funny and positive adventure Comedy. The writers used all the stamps from iconic films of world cinema, but is typical for those times Chernukha, has created a surprisingly solid and original for the Russian cinema work. Fascinating story, great dialogues, dynamic and exciting style of storytelling and strong enough intrigue that makes the film one of the best representatives of Russian cinema in the 1990s.

The plot briefly is as follows. The bandits steal the plane and direct it to one of the Islamic countries of the Persian region. Among the hostages are three Russian man with very pronounced personalities. Healthy and good-natured rustic tractor Vanya, eccentric student of Sergei and nerdy Director (without a name), find themselves in a strange country where there is a mafia corrupt regime. And now they have to be in some desperate situations, to be smart and find the way home.

We must pay tribute to the shooting team. They fell creatively to present absolutely simple story, which harmoniously combines all the necessary elements. Perfectly matched music, the main melody of the movie is forever stuck in my memory. More specifically for the film invented language. Such expressions as “Svilova! Balun! Luthar!” or “Gaians-gazetat” for me to become winged. This is a great example of a funny and ironic film, with a lot of unforgettable jokes.

The three main characters in the performance of little-known actors: Andrey Ankudinov, Sergei Losev and Sergey Parshin brilliantly interact in the frame. They managed to completely win the audience. Despite their adventures, it’s impossible not to worry about the main characters. No drama in the picture there, but how earnestly the actors got into their characters deserves the highest ratings.

The plane flies to Russia is ironic, funny, positive, exciting, intriguing and very interesting Comedy, adventure Thriller. This is an original and unique product for the Russian cinema. For me it is a wonderful childhood memory and I sincerely recommend you to read this wonderful film.

9 out of 10

New review: the Plane flies to Russia 05.10.2017

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