New review: the possession 15.06.2017

The long-awaited theatrical performance of Ivo van Hove with the participation of Jude law. Hmm. Surface. Splashing fish, the sun shines on their scales. I mirror-like surface, but can not break into the thick of usefulness, useobject.

And everything seems to be simple: two irreconcilable visions of life at one extreme of anything and which is independent of the eternal wanderer-Vagabond, on the other — a typical desire of domestic happiness. Needless to say, that opposites attract?.. The spark, the lust, the passion, the obsession of each other, the irrationality of which is due to differences in the natures and desires of the main characters may not lead to anything good. They try to correct themselves, correct each other, nothing happens, it all goes to hell and is reminiscent of the sickening power of its impact, “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf”. The desperate cries of Gino (law) “I don’t want to live that life dead everybody lives” and hidebound obstinacy Hannah (Halina Rijn) “It’s just HOME” to face each other in an irreconcilable war, and there is no place for compromise.

It should be noted the pros of the production. Acting at the appropriate level (although for the theatre, this level must be taken for granted). There is no sense of artificiality of the situation. A remarkable approach to minimalist surroundings. All.

New review: the possession 15.06.2017

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