New review: the Preacher 29.09.2017

If the first season is hardly acquainted with the colorful characters, the second season is unashamedly throws these same characters in the history of one other trenchant. The main character of the entire Orgy — the titular preacher Jesse Custer, who has previously thought the robbery and raids, and then came to a career of a priest in a provincial town’anville, Texas. In the first series of the first season he becomes a carrier of the unknown crap called Genesis, which allows him to get to do what he wants — and can be as simple tasks in the manner to cause a person to sleep, and the fantastic — for example, to send a person to hell. Company he is his old girlfriend Tulip, with whom he had an uneasy relationship, and a new buddy — Irish-Joker Cassidy, which is not so simple as it seems.

The first season ends on an original note, and this trio goes on a journey to find God. The second season starts at the same point where the previous ended and the problems the characters each time becoming more and more. Moreover, an interesting point here is that each episode not only moves the main plot forward but also able to exist in the closed space of private timekeeping. This does not mean that you can take any series and to watch in isolation from all the others, as some “Black mirror”, but at least the authors manage to tell a small independent stories, in which are involved the main characters.

Each series boasts intense action, caustic humor and a lot of controversial topics, in particular about the influence of religion and attitude of different segments of the population. Each story reveals characters with a new unique perspective, and makes you wonder a little about the philosophical side of the issue. Virtually every major character is with a double bottom and observe their interactions a pleasure. Controversial themes of the series allows to make jokes on sensitive subjects level — who is God and does the right man to play himself God.

The creators are constantly experimenting with the presentation of the material. A series starts with rather distant history, the purpose of which is not immediately realize, but then wedged the main characters and everything falls into place. Original themes emerge regularly, and furnished with the invention. During the conversation can include a timer counting down the time to a certain point, which adds to the dynamics and without having boring style of narration. And interesting camera angles regularly flaunt the inventive approach to business.

A curious spectacle here in bulk, and each series may present some surprise. For example, a bar with drunkards having fun shooting each other from a gun, wearing a bulletproof vest. First, they discuss him in the kitchen and wonder how anyone could reach such a life, when you suddenly want to be in the place of man in body armor — and then the plot twist brings them to this bar and the rest better watch themselves.

And here show hell. And this hell was not, perhaps, anywhere — imagine a stone dungeon, where inhabitants hang out, each in his solitary confinement, and a special machine scrolls the sinner was the most horrible moment of his life, again, and again, and again, and again, and so on without end. And the head of this institution a stout lady afternova type of speaking in different keys. And of course, hell is Adolf Hitler, who turned out to be extremely expressive. You will remember for a long time…

The main character Jesse Custer played by Dominic Cooper (Warcraft, “the Trial of God”) and it turns out he’s fine. His preacher is a hell of a cocktail of charisma and determination, underpinned by a desperate situation with no prospects. Endowed with unusual force, under the judgmental eyes of friends, he tries as little as possible to it to resort, and therefore is regularly involved in extravagant fights. And as a contrast in the series there are plenty of episodes where Jesse has intimate conversations with the bartenders and homeless. Well, words cannot describe the beautiful scene of a bad joke “Comes once a priest in a bar and says he is looking for God”!

Joseph Gilgan (“Bad”, “Ahead”) and without that charismatic actor, and the role of Cassidy so at all, as if written for him. Without going into details of its features, we can only conclude that his character is so simultaneously funny and tragic. Regular games on this contrast and an indescribable accent, making him one of the most memorable characters.

Ian Colletti (“Rake”, “the Sopranos”) for the second season, flaunts the image of one of the most unusual characters — Eugene Ruta, named Assface. The fact that by a strange coincidence, Eugene shot himself in the face and survived, but his mouth turned into a sort of sphincter. The entire second season of Eugene will spend in Hell and this is just beautiful episodes, in which the number of references exceeds reasonable limits.

Not to mention a new character introduced in the second season and immediately attracted the attention. This, of course Here on Starre performed by PIP Torrens (“Crown”, “Versailles”). A detailed presentation of this character, devoted an entire episode and supply this material without minutes is brilliant. On getting better, and manner of speech of this character never ceases to fascinate.

On the technical side for the series in General, there are no claims. The picture is stylistically and filled with details. And music will appreciate the excellent choice of soundtrack.

As people read the eponymous comic, I must say that the series should not be the original storyline, but regularly borrows scenes and delivers them in an interesting sequence and interpretation. Not to say that it is bad — on the contrary, the creators of the series is quite impossible to keep the brand and skillfully balancing on the verge of madness and sanity. And this series interesting. In addition, the authors are not in a hurry to tell all the secrets and leave the most delicious and crazy for later. For example, from the TV series so it is still unclear what the Genesis is, well, troubled past of the protagonist started to deploy on all cylinders only to the season finale. By the way, dashing the plot twist at the end of the second season promises even more curious about the development of history, so that will have to wait a long time and with trembling.

The second season of the series “Preacher” as he pulled up to some incredible height. If the first season was shaky-rolls and occasionally fell into a doze in the middle of the road, the second does not allow himself and each episode becomes a jewel in a slim collection. Associated with the General plot, the episodes tell their own stories, which have something to laugh and something to think about. If for some reason you ignored this show, it’s time to catch up, the benefit that it only gets more interesting.

9 out of 10

New review: the Preacher 29.09.2017

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