New review: the Promise 04.10.2017

A strange thing religion. Though the thing is of course the wrong word, but beautiful words to me. Weird and terrible. Every nation established their faith and allowed themselves to destroy the “infidels”. And because everyone believes in your God, praying to him and considers himself better than others.

Genocide is a crime against nature, against human nature. Of course, any murder is a crime, but genocide is extermination.

The plot is a classic love triangle and a case where “the heart wants what it wants”. The persecution of the Armenian people is the background of the film. Not to say that I thought it was a disadvantage, because otherwise I would probably would not have started to watch the movie. Too heavy is my heart. And then for those who truly realizes the horror of such needs no further demonstration demonstrations and reminders, and for those who are deaf to such troubles not to move even an excellent plot.

The work of many actors I liked in the film. But more preference I give to Christian bale, he’s like a rock in this film: awesome, thorough. This can not be overlooked. Hero Oscar Isaac somehow confused me in the course of the narrative. He’s kind of unstable, unstable, unstable.. . I do not know how else to describe it. Of course everyone is different, and the background of the hero Christian bale loses his identity. The strength of his convictions, and convictions depend on the present number of people. In principle, he loved two women: the wife, Anna.

What he was not able to kill the man leveled his personality in my eyes. It seemed to me true.

The film is smart, though, and tells of mass killings. Beautiful shot, beautiful place.

Finally, I again guessed what the movie will end and what will be the fate of the main characters. And in the beginning of the film. It really is predictable: in another triangle, “do not break” and not to create drama.

New review: the Promise 04.10.2017

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