New review: the Protector 30.09.2017

Before us the main character named Luke Wright, an ex-COP, who has nothing, no home, no family, no job. And then one day he rescues a Chinese teenage girl at the hands of the Russian mafia, and then Triad.

And then asks the question: Why the Triad and the Russian mafia this girl? After all, no ransom, they don’t have. And it’s simple she’s an excellent analyst, which can easily calculate and perform all operations with drug money. So she ran away from them and came to the aid of our glorious COP.

Now let’s discuss the film.

Scenario: In General normal, but again bad Russian.

The plot of the film: Feel the tension, especially the ending that’s about to be a fight, and then bummer.

Music: It does not hear.

Action: a Very dynamic and exciting. Chase the same after the fight in the subway. The shootout in the restaurant and the shootout at the casino, where Statham is not only shooting, but all the pounding feet and hands.

Acting: generally fine, but there are moments where the actors really overplayed.

The cast: none of them knew except for Jason of Statham is and Reggie Lee, and he picked up well.

I really liked the film, it cool, Yes there are mistakes, Yes there are downsides, and sometimes strange moments, but I will say that again, Statham and all the attention rests only on him. More such coolest and exciting films.

7 out of 10

New review: the Protector 30.09.2017

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