New review: the purge 3 28.07.2016

Released in 2009 the film “Judgment night” gave the audience a very interesting idea, which, somehow, did not develop until the end. In fairness, the purge in the first film played only a decorative character, and such events could happen in any other day. In addition, the authors of the first part was limited to locations within a single home. However, such ideas deserve much greater scale, given that the purge covers the whole country. The second part made certain conclusions, was sent to the storyline of several diverse characters, and the house was replaced by the city. However, the main idea became a class war, although dozens of minor villains made some colorful. The third part is made by all the canons of the second, and quite touching in a similar way.

The purge 2” has already talked about the fact that the series is exhausted. Theoretically, the third part of this series is not needed, and, if anything, it could restrict the output to DVD. It was necessary to make a continuation of something radically new that it did not look a second time. However, the Director and scriptwriter of the series , James Demonaco couldn’t do it. The plot replicates the basic moves of the second part. In the beginning of the film we are introduced to characters in the three storylines, the most interesting of which involves the main character of the second part and policy, made the basis of the campaign — the call “to cancel the purge“. The will of fate and of the government, which preys on objectionable policies, our heroes, shortly after the start of purge are combined together to protect the candidate. What happens in the future, it is easy to guess: going to locations, shootings and fights with gangs and government agents, finding new characters, losing the old.

It is not clear why in the abstract to focus on the arrival of tourists from other countries, because these characters appear in the frame for a minute and it does not appear during the purge. But it would be nice to decorate the film. Just imagine a gang of Japanese, Germans or Russians on the streets of the city with its own distinctive features. Instead, the Director, like watching teen movies about the struggle with the government, has made the greatest emphasis back on class war. In this case it looks awful again. The standard dilemma of choice about what you can’t kill the killers, not to be like them has already been demonstrated in a huge number of movies. To make something new in this hackneyed subject is almost impossible.

The most interesting feature of this series of films was just secondary villains that were doing everything want. Like she came from the computer game “Manhunt“, they were allowed to feel the anarchy. That is why the second part exceeds the ratings first. The third part was even worse than the first. Colorful characters was greatly reduced, although female gang with the machine, covered with garlands, looked good, but the authors did not develop this line. Even those characters with the masks of the symbols of the United States, which so love to decorate posters the film’s promoters appear only for a few minutes. Positive characters are somewhat stereotyped and cardboard, so they don’t want to worry about.

The purge 3” has tried to break into the viewer’s soul at the expense of any success of the previous films, but it did not work in the absence with new and original ideas. Very sorry, but the film went on the canons of the sequels of “Saw” i.e. we are not going to please you nothing new, but since the viewer continues to recoup the film dozens of times, why not make a sequel. Completely unnecessary film is pretty good series.

New review: the purge 3 28.07.2016

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