New review: the purge 3 31.07.2016

The first “purge”, which was released in 2013 and it also broke the Bank. Due to the small budget of the film has paid off several times at the box office and received rave reviews from critics. Though the film to me and not logged in, the idea that there is one night when everything is possible and nothing for you it will not be very unusual. The second part, I was happily lost, and a third decided to look. And in vain, because of the horror about human nature, which is not constrained by any boundaries, the third part has turned into some kind of neopolitical drama.

The situation, in principle, the same, there is one night of the year when you can commit any crime. And all the people preparing for it. From innovations it is possible to allocate the development of the idea that a lot of people from different countries come to the “celebration” purge. And now not only is a purely American pastime. Call it killing tourism. The basic outline of the film revolves around Senator Charlie roan, who is preparing for the presidential election and strongly against the celebration of the purge, as it corrupts society, and indeed, from her family many years ago was killed this night. Its opponents, the party of “founding Fathers of America who with both hands holding the judgment of the nights, decide to eliminate the competition, using the impending holiday. To do this they decided the most high-profile way: a bunch of mercenaries swastika daubed from head to toe, apparently, so that the audience is more empathized with the Senator. After the failed assassination attempt, the Senator and his bodyguard find themselves on the street, where in addition to the mercenaries they need to escape from the crowd, such as painted people “celebrating” the purge.

The experience of the whole film can be summed up in one word “boredom”. Eye nothing to hold onto, everything is so wishy-washy. The political line is straight and uninteresting. There’s bad, and there are good. Bad want to kill a good, good run. Good don’t want to kill the bad under any circumstances because “if we kill, we will be like them.” And even when good accidentally caught underground movement, which is planning his own attempt on the top of the “founding fathers”, they then try to dissuade them. You know, honesty and all that. The characters too inexpressive. Besides, the Senator and his bodyguard, who, to his credit, behaved quite adequately under the circumstances, there are also: store owner Joe Dixon and his partner Marcus, who decided to spend the night on the roof of the store, because with insurance they were heated and now it is necessary to protect their property. Their friend lanie that in this night, moonlights as a medic, helping the wounded and all that. And a motley crowd of blacks, who mostly all good. There is a bright spot, it’s a Russian crowd that screams “get the Pindos began to beat up our heroes and their gadget that you are flying, not a bird flies and swearing”.

Action scenes are not distinguished by violence or blood. The movie is interesting to show the different masks and outfits of the characters than to savor the kill. Machines, inlaid with rhinestones, luminous mask, guillotine in the alleys (?). The feeling that this is not the night for legalized killings and installation art, and some of the artist the exhibition of contemporary art.

And so the whole film. Boring and featureless, but in the end, when begins the bitter sectarian crap and is annoying. The purge 3 is very weird, its main feature it overshadows, and in the front pulls out uninteresting political story with a moral in the spirit of “to win it honestly.” It seems that this is the last part, but judging by the collections, so just from this franchise the Studio clearly won’t. So a sequel, maybe it should.

4 out of 10

New review: the purge 3 31.07.2016

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