New review: the Quest 26.09.2017

Claustrophobic horror film “the Quest” sooner or later had to be born. The popularity of puzzles and adventure games is so great that it is not a sin to play it. Alas, with all the richness of the topic, especially with regard to horror films, and with a few creative ideas, “Quest” still feels rather mediocre horror.

Four friends go on a popular entertainment. Their task is to get out of the room, where no cell reception, Soundproofed walls, etc. the Only way to achieve this is to solve a series of puzzles. But that’s only in the actor for the script of this game was supposed to scare them, possessed and massacre. There is no help and must continue to perform the job.

By and large, despite the intriguing summary, the story is quite incoherent and never offers something really interesting. The action takes place in one room for hours, but the timing of the film stretched to almost 90 minutes, thanks to pointless scenes, especially weird and unnecessary introduction, and copious slow-mo.

The semantic underpinning is, at least, embarrassment. Firstly, it is, of course, too obvious “flaws” of actors. In horror it is normal practice, but “Quest” is building it into an absolute. With a huge Arsenal of improvised weapons from chairs to lighter characters in the film still presents nothing more than a sheep to the slaughter. Second, the characters themselves are very meager of the personality. The main characters are not able to depart from their archetypes. Yes, for them nothing is impossible to tell after viewing. To empathize with such individuals, of course, impossible. And finally, third, the oil in this fire of indignation adds a mystical subtext. A few scenes dedicated to heighten the mystery around the mysterious demon living in the box. And it leads nowhere — neither the initial nor the final scenes do not give a clear understanding why was it added to the film. In fact, if you remove the mystical element, the script would be even more interesting — something went wrong, the actor went crazy or had some kind of force majeure it is urgently necessary to solve the puzzles to exit the room. Same here — blatant attempts to promote producers on the prequel on the origin of the demon in the Arab wilderness of the 19th century or the sequel of the unfortunate worker the quest room.

The advantages of the “Quest” can be attributed, perhaps actors. Girls are really cute, and the guys are playing quite well for the film, production of which would probably cost pennies. Entourage “prison cell” came out too good, but rather traditional films where the action takes place in the same room.

While viewing several times I caught myself thinking that I wanted to quickly put an end to the view. It’s not horrible images or seas of blood. Just “Quest” seems too boring and nscontenttreeowner, especially trying to set the bar high with its internal mythology about a demon from the East or quite witty combination of circumstances that could lead to tragedy for the on-screen characters. But this strap is so high that within a narrow and small room-it is not the quest to achieve. But, it is worth noting the undoubted short atmospheric moments show that when grinding you can create something more intense than a conversation piece for fans of “the slasher”.

4 out of 10

New review: the Quest 26.09.2017

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