New review: the RAID: Bullet in the head 31.07.2017

In one village a local fisherman finds the boy on the shore unconscious. When he awoke in the hospital, the hero doesn’t remember anything. But the former “friends” did not forget, and very soon they will come for him…

What you need for a downhole action? Cool character, well-staged action scenes and two-line plot with no frills. All the above-mentioned parameters a new job IKO UISA answers a confident “YES.” The prefix “RAID” in the title will leave on the conscience of Russian distributors, for the above picture, this film has nothing.

The narrative develops according to the classical scheme, giving the fan direct as rail, Thriller a real delight. Indonesians as usual with the audience not nuzzle. The film is filled with outrageous violence at the edge. In terms of sparring, the picture, of course, inferior to “RAID“, but the rage and brutality in battle it does not hold. Tape unwinds gradually, not forgetting the touching touch of lyricism in the face of the charming Chelsea Iceland (“Refrain”, “Street”). But when it comes to fights, the romance quickly goes to the far corner, giving way to a clean and uncomplicated testosterone.

In addition as always excellent, IKO, spark charisma veri Three Talisman (“RAID 1-2”), Julie Estelle (“the oath of the doomed 1-2”, “the RAID 2”), Zach Lee (“RAID-2”), David Hendrawan and gorgeous Sunny pan (“Resolve”, “Maid”) in the role gauged.

To summarize: Yes, the tape cannot do the jumps and simple utterly. But creative horror Duo Directors of stamboli Kimo and Timo Taranto (“Dara”, “Killer”), in my opinion, managed to create a strong masculine and harsh fighting Thriller about the eternal confrontation between good and evil. What else should a true fan of the genre!


Expect new solo work Timo Taranto “the Night comes for us” in which he again gathered the old guard in the person of IKO uwais, Sonny pan, Julie Estelle, Zach Lee and one of the characters in “the RAID” Joe Taslima. The painting planned for this year and is in post-production. Guess what it will be called in the Russian hire?

7.5 out of 10

New review: the RAID: Bullet in the head 31.07.2017

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