New review: the ransom of red Chief and other 13.06.2017

The analogy with wine — there may never be! However, it is necessary to reformulate the famous phrase:

“Good movies forever!” That is the movie that is loved, popular and relevant for many, many years… As “a good book is a book forever.” That book is loved, popular and relevant for many generations of people living at different times and in different eras…

…And the relationship of the book and film are not accidental. I once met with a brief biography of American writer O. Henry, whose volume stood on the bookshelf, and instantly fell in love with the sincerity, warmth, depth and unpredictability of numerous stories of this wonderful talent of his, but also eternal! time. O. Henry is a wonderful writer who, in spite of very short lifetime, despite incarceration — could become a national treasure of the United States, whose glorious name and whose works with such awe and love brings to us not only a visible narrator of this film, but the Directors of each of the five stories, IS handed the same notes of sentimentality that was laid in the stories of O. Henry, His work caused those beautiful feelings and sensations that at one time I was called a book become one of the most favorite of all favorite books…

Movie of the 50s, the early fifties, post-war movie from Hollywood has its inherent characteristic. Black-and-white style, maybe a kind of theatrical experience in acting, familiar and similar motives in the violin moments, similar plans, similar costumes and wardrobe items, low variability in the possibilities of photography, beautiful actors and beautiful Actresses! All this already… but still… so… cute! Let it willfully, even if it is often exaggerated… but the sincerity and the outpouring of the soul — not to bribe! These black and white films of the postwar period, perhaps as no other, and our Soviet, too, was trying to uncover feelings of ORDINARY people more deeply than they are in our lives really are, what we are demonstrating every day, in our daily life. Maybe that is why these movies not to watch, not pouring out his soul in response to those people who created this ETERNAL movie eternal…

I just do not like it, but what I admire from this collection of five stories in a feature film, it’s the fact that PERFECT adaptation in this world is still there! And she is now in front of you!

You can, of course, remember “the ransom of red Chief” a little later from the Soviet Union and Vicinum and Smirnov, and a couple of novels, one of which with Yuri Nikulin, but these comparisons, though, will not benefit the Soviet film based on the film that, original, and American. Americans are not just picked 5 fun stories the stories of classic literature, they filmed them perfectly!!! With thorough precision passing all what I wanted to say.. the AUTHOR, very long before their creation!

Describe each of the stories is like described and their adaptation…

There is no point to dwell on what exactly it was 5 short stories. O. Henry each novel weight in gold. I’m just going to list all those that walked here in this collection: “the Pharaoh and the chant”, “Pipe eye”, “the Last leaf” “the ransom of red Chief” and “gift of the Magi”.

In these short stories (in his stories) the most important thing I learned as a lesson — by O. Henry shows up and tells the whole seamy side of life, all its complexity and all its simplicity. How it can be changeable, delicate, how unpredictable, how sometimes cruel, like everything in this world is relative, how much we don’t notice while in the midst of this life for what it is still there…

Each story by O. Henry — this is the usual clear beginning and abrupt ending.

Each story is quite possible, as no other near-real basis.

Each movie from this collection is a small treasure trove of priceless treasure of the Grand art that left a legacy all over the planet this Great and Unique, great…

…Oh, Henry!

So let’s us celebrate one more time after reading his books, another art on the motives of O. Henry — the art of cinema that celebrates the simple ordinary people of the millions in these FIVE incredible, sensitive and beautiful stories… but sorry, in the stories… not about us!..

10 out of 10

New review: the ransom of red Chief and other 13.06.2017

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