New review: the return 31.07.2016

Jean Becker is a master of conveying the atmosphere and joy of life. His films are like paintings and beautiful nature, and friendship, and joy, accessible to everyone, just learn to ignore them.

But the film about the artist, put himself in a corner, writing the same type of pattern, not knowing where to draw inspiration, apparently autobiographical. Jean Becker has exhausted itself — there are pictures, but in the whole film they add up.

Puzzling implausible plot, giving amerikanschinoy. Grumbling a depressed artist trying to commit suicide, buying, as a cowboy, a gun for hunting. (Hero, incidentally, wears a shirt and some worn jeans life). In the rain he tries to shoot, melodramatic pause, anguish on her face and … Nothing. Then he meets suffering girl with a wild story that her own mother was kicked out of the house, because he wants to have fun with her lover. It’s a French movie?! In French films is the miracle, the unexpected meeting, but they are painted in a romantic mood, imbued with joy of life. This story is typically American.

Scene on the sea is beautiful, this Baker’s strong. A beautiful young actress who played a troubled teen. But this is all the more to look at.

New review: the return 31.07.2016

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