New review: the River 31.07.2017

Sergei Mavrodi, Creator of the famous financial pyramid of the three letters have already been involved in the creation of horror “Mary” in Canada. Before this film posted a video message of the author of the script, where he said that if the film is good, then all of poceti him, and if it’s bad, then blame the crew. Also, as far as I know, the work of young Directors from Ekaterinburg was presented at the film award “Drop”, where the sort was awarded the prize of spectator sympathies. Although this is only polulyubitelsky a movie where the budget was barely more than Victor Marsikova. But Viktor is able to remove moderately interesting movie, is not devoid of sense, and Kilin and Potapova nothing good came of it. Even “Disputes”, the debut Director of Omsk Maxim Djachuka, I remember with great warmth, because the creators have tried to reproduce all the stamps of a fantastic movie. It was not good, but once you can see it. Immediately before us the dreary spectacle of the Ghost of a drowned girl that haunts the characters. The original idea of the script about the relativity of morality are lost against bozo directing, maloprofessionalnyh game of actors and a camera work. And the plot of the film is very simple, as you may recall dozens of similar paintings, though “What lies beneath” Zemeckis.

The only thing that can be remembered, it is a scene of necrophilia. It is very unexpected in a mainstream horror film, though little explained. Unless the authors wanted to admire the bare ass of glamorous girl that she drowned.

What else is worth noting on the negative side, this is music, songs a youth rock band that is not in the beat of what is happening in the frame. Our Directors are rarely able to choose the right songs for the film, and even Arseniy gonchukov of decent drama “Flight. Three days after the disaster” uses some pop music in the romantic scenes. And again comes the idea that in Russia the horror with neither small nor large budget can not be removed. If Brian Pauline for $ 3,000, removed obviously sebesteny Thriller “the bone”, two debutants and a just watchable movie did not. And, in contradiction to the words of Sergei Mavrodi, we also make claims and him — it’s the characters and dialogues could be better to prescribe.

2 out of 10

New review: the River 31.07.2017

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