New review: the Roaring twenties, or the Fate of a soldier in America 25.06.2017

Raoul Walsh is an incredibly productive filmmaker. Of his career Director, he filmed and took part in the filming of more than 150 feature Yes korotkometrazhnyh strips in total.

And against this health especially weird to see film Noir the person has only six. Though not all of these paintings it is possible to classify this type of films. All of them have any spots: the visual style, scenario, atmospheric. But not all are from beginning to end unique Noir. It is in the form of a tape before the viewer is presented a picture of “the Roaring twenties, or the fate of a soldier in America,” 1939, the year the first film-Noir Director who can be called Noir only in the second half of the demonstrated action.

This job is a great gangster drama. Surprisingly good and well-told story of the rise and fall of a man who wanted to fly high, but with wings properly controlled could not, and to learn long and boring, of course, did not want to. That man was Eddie Bartlett, well played by the inimitable James Cagney, who managed to create it, I think this character, who required the story. That is: this film tells the story of a brave and honest soldier, who, after the battle for his honor and his country was completed, he returned home and understand how a lean situation. His country spat on him, leaving without a penny in his pocket. What to do next — is not known. And then on the social political scene dramatically unfolds the arrows of the principles of beliefs comes into force “the dry law”. In principle, honest and really smart people understand that just because he did not survive. And average ambitions, blunted smell a quick profit, increase exponentially. What happens after is the main pivot around which to weave the interpersonal conflicts, social problems of America twenties, the gangster life is planned in the framework of the pure film Noir. This film, in which the authors for a hundred-odd minutes manages to tell a story of love, friendship, betrayal, career growth, decay, rebirth, re-castling in terms of their own worldview and so on. It would seem that all of the above themselves are extensive layers for dialogue. But in view of the extraordinary imaging, succinct, a bit theatrical, but without the least trust-based dialogues, excellent acting Cagney, unsurpassed Humphrey the boggart (George Halley), Priscilla lane (Jean Sherman) and others, the film felt exactly the tone that he sets. Changing their sound, changing their color gradually filling, in which the second half of the black starts to “rule” over the white, showing thus a change of the nature and principles of the protagonist, the plot is turning in favor of historical accuracy that only grows more interesting and memorable events in the life of particular characters in the film, the film constructs and correlated with each other so that the “Roaring twenties” leave a lasting impression, though purely in a positive way.

This is a great movie. Despite the fact that in 1932, the year the Directors Howard hawks and Richard Rosson shot the film “Scarface”, where they talked about similar stories in terms of moral decay, at least in terms of the ability to convey not exactly a positive character viewer from this angle under which the viewer he will impress, the creators of the remake of 1983 of the year, and especially al Pacino, was clearly inspired by this film Raoul Walsh.

A picture that combines many genres in such proportions as the main essence, the main drama of the story, his parables, it still feels sharp and is not forgotten for a long time. The painting, which communicates with the viewer using all available film ways: it simultaneously tells, shows, and given the style of visualization of marks particularly important points. This is a perfect example of a classic traktovki structure of the narrative, which is completely finished: sturdy, integrated belt with a simple but quite vital, especially for selected and masterfully embodied on the screen the period of history, a story that is filled with developing, feeling, interesting characters, a monolith among which, of course, stands the main character. The hero so easy to identify in the beginning, so difficult to do the same in the middle, and who incomprehensibly sad at the end.

This movie is a movie that makes the viewer feel. That is, it does what supposed to do the film as a kind of art. Great movie.

PS Thanks for your attention.

New review: the Roaring twenties, or the Fate of a soldier in America 25.06.2017

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