New review: the Roommate 28.07.2016

Danish Director Christian E. Christiansen drew attention to themselves, when in 2008, the year was nominated for “Oscar” in the category “Best short film” (a band called “Night”, where he was the Director and screenwriter). Then he continued his work with feature films, clearing the at home drama “Crying for love” and family entertainment “close-up”, which became second and third respectively by the works of Kristiansen with a full meter (the first was the “Blows of fate” — another drama). But portnum in the career of the Director could be in 2011, when he was appointed to be the chief Director of the youth Thriller “the Roommate”, which was the first film Kristiansen in Hollywood. The second, incidentally, was the horror movie “hand of the Devil” 2014-th year and failed miserably. Just a group of movie studios have invested in the creation of “Neighbor” among the studios were such people as Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay and Guillermo del Toro. And here at Christiansen a budget of eight million dollars and his ambitions.

A little surprised by the fact that the script dealt very often newcomers, of which there were as many as four: Sonny Mallhi (at the time, was co-producer of “the lake House”), brothers Chris and Nick Bylsma, engaged for the most part, having starred in an unknown short films, and Richard Robertson, for whom “the Roommate,” was the first and last film as his direct Creator. Now, what this panel came up with: a beautiful and intelligent girl Sara Matthews (minka Kelly) arrives at College, where, in fact, and meets Rebecca (Leighton Meester) her roommate. The girls become friends, but soon Sarah appears suitor — local hottie Stephen (Cam Gigandet). Turns out it’s not much like Rebecca in College begin to happen strange and tragic events. Poor Sarah didn’t know what a newfound friend is suffering from disorders in the psyche and she does not want to let go of Sara. Fear settles in my soul Sarah for their loved ones and friends…

Here is such a creepy story came up with four writers. Literacy to the target audience — that is to say to the youth — plus a good advertising campaign has led to the fact that in its first weekend “Roommate” took first place in the final fees. And overall, the picture brought a profit of more than forty million dollars (recall that the budget was only eight). But commercial success remained to enjoy only the creators of the movie because most of the audience left the cinema disappointed. Christiansen associates carefully exteriorized in the film, its psychological context, while forgetting about the overall atmosphere, making the tension in the tape was so weak that the reason the audience there is something to be afraid of was not provided. Could not cope with its task, the operator of the film Phil Parmet (at the time participated in the filming of “Four rooms”): the quality of the captured material was similar to the television from MTV (which, incidentally, was nominated “Roommate…” in the categories of “Best villain” and “Best fright”).

It should be added that the initial excitement that happened around the “Roommate” was directly connected with his cast. Leighton Meester, Minka Kelly and Cam Gigandet at the time of release of the picture many called a potential Hollywood stars of the new formation. However, none of them are not fully revealed himself in the “Neighbor…” and showed why they were given such generous advances. Leighton Meester may surprised by the fact that took the image of the villain, but to say that it downright fear directed — that would be dishonest. Minka Kelly does not stand out on the game when compared with many of the youth series. And indeed Mr. Kelly if the two sisters were so little distinguishable their images. Gigandet was again in the image of a muscular hunk with a wide seductive smile. I would be even more singled out Alison Michalka, which was a secondary character, but she was still remarkable. Is in the picture, Billy Zane, once a very popular actor, but disappeared from cinema. Its dual character and the more remembered, than the representatives of the main roles.

The psychological Thriller “the Roommate” is a striking example of the fact that in bright packaging can be stored empty. Successful marketing policy has done its job and the picture brought financial profit. But the creators of “Neighbor” completely forgot about what emotions the film will bring to those who made it so that it became profitable, that is, which emotions will have the audience. And it mostly was disappointed by what he saw: the acting and atmosphere of the picture is clearly not consistent with expectations.

5 out of 10

New review: the Roommate 28.07.2016

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