New review: the Rural teacher 09.06.2017

“You’re always running everywhere!” — reproachfully throws the main character of this story is the mother. She loves it and is trying to understand, because Peter is in essence a good man. Feel it children, his colleagues, the villagers, in which he arrives. Woman with a heavy past and a bright look at the present, with which he fastened a thin, trusting relationships. Her son, a boy of adolescence, which is represented by teachers much-needed support. Only here Peter is always afraid of: the fact that he is not like the others that someone will be on him to push too hard that he might have something will not work. And he is used to hiding from their fears and their desires, that’s just who benefits from this?

Still, this is the story of a man who one day realizes that you can’t escape yourself. Yes, you can try, and it will be easier. But real life will only begin when he is he will learn to correct their mistakes, even terrible. And you are very lucky, if there will be similar people who can share the burden.

Incredibly beautiful music, the sincere acting and a touching symbolism of the picture makes it lively and expressive, and most importantly — makes you feel the pain of the characters and try to understand their own feelings and experiences. We are all very different, but all we are just people who are so necessary at times warm and understanding.

New review: the Rural teacher 09.06.2017

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