New review: the Salvation 30.09.2017

Imagine You lived in the same limited world, and the surrounding looked only through the prism of strict rules and concepts. And suddenly You are given a chance to stop the old world and to learn a new, quite different from all of those images that formed in your head for a long time. That person will experience, faced with such a situation? In this situation decided to look the creators of philosophical drama-parable “Salvation.”

Synopsis a Young Catholic nun from Poland sister Anna are sent on a special mission in the Church somewhere in the Himalayas. All her life she lived in the ascetic world of the convent. And that’s before it has a chance to get to know a completely new world with its strange culture and religion, which gives it a ground for reflection and rethinking of those many things in which she believed.

It should be noted that “Salvation” is actually a film one role in which others appear only in some episodes. Speaking about the game of Polina Grishina I would like to mention that she is tolerably well managed to convey the complex psychological state, which remained the main character. Sister Anna, who has devoted his whole life only to the service of God, already forgot about the mundane routine of life can deliver all the same joy and love that, as did Anna, it was possible to find only in the monastery.

A normal viewer who watch this movie probably, then say: “Yes, it’s just removal of the brain!”. Indeed, the Director Ivan Vyrypaev took not a classic genre film, but something complicated that will comprehend. In fact, the Director does not invest is some hidden meaning in certain episodes, but just trying to convey the condition in which the man dwells when he realizes that everything he believed had no prior meaning. While Ivan Vyrypaev makes clear that there is no need to abandon all that you believed and continue to believe that, at the same time to enjoy life.

As we know, Ivan Vyrypaev, also made and screenwriter of the film. The plot of “Salvation” he built on the principle of the present parable. All these branches of important Church mission have no meaning, because the foreground of the long March, which has done Anna in search of herself. Arriving in a unfamiliar country, she gets acquainted with its culture, its customs, previously unknown religion. Through communication with strangers, she realizes that besides her there is a completely different world in which people used to communicate, listen to music, have sex, something natural that she was inspired as a defect. In the end, the heroine will not abandon the faith but will look at the world through different eyes.

Summary Let’s be honest, “Salvation” — the movie not on the ordinary spectator. Much of it will seem strange (take the episode with the UFO), much boring action in it not so much. But for all that, if not just watch and listen and comprehend what he saw and heard, but involuntarily you reflect on those things that are a leitmotif through the whole picture.

8 out of 10

New review: the Salvation 30.09.2017

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