New review: the Salyut-7 13.10.2017

The film is based on real events, so for me this was the main reason to watch it. It turned out that the work of all involved here. The movie turned out at once global and personal. Just believe that everything in the USSR the way it happened: the astronauts were ordinary people, but inside the characters, and, of course to answer Home of the cowardly “no” they just could not.

Pleased that the film is not focused only on one situation in space, although it certainly plays a Central role in the construction of the plot. The authors did not forget to put a special emphasis on family life, heroes, and the work of the government on space exploration. “Salyut-7” tries to show all developed around the history of the situation in the volume, and do not feed us the scraps, from which no one would be special use. In a couple of places is that the Director went too far with the lyrics, which I still have a couple of questions. But all this is really trivia. Importantly, this sincere feelings and emotions. They are available here, and a lot.

The operator’s work done at a high level. The visual image most likely, nothing seems too computer and unreal. Shooting is just gorgeous! That’s right, that the producers gave the nod to the creation of large-scale scenery. These films on one chart is not removable. Gradually we catch up to the best specimens of a spectacular movie. Yes, some where still slight blemishes, but do not mistake the one who does nothing.

As for the directing, the plot develops very logically, without kinks, to the very end remains intriguing, which goes in an unexpected outcome. Immensely pleased that Russian cinema is familiar with the theme of space — not in the comic sense, as in Hollywood, and in historical and educational manner. For example, this heroic episode in our history to “Salyut-7” has been kept secret for understandable political reasons, and now we can all learn from the exciting movie. I’m generally against this entire policy in life and in the movies. Well, the creators of the film have tempered his enthusiasm and focus mainly on space and all that it involves.

Finally, we should mention the actors — and not only the main — Derevyanko and Vdovichenkov, but also help them Oksana Fandera, Maria Mironova, especially Alexander Samoilenko. A unique ensemble cast makes the story even more real life.

I highly recommend rare great movie that also shows our history.

9 out of 10

New review: the Salyut-7 13.10.2017

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