New review: the Salyut-7 13.10.2017

Watched another movie about the Soviet cosmonauts. During the session all the time was in a state of deja vu that I already saw in “first Time”.

No, well, tell me, why do two almost identical film? I understand the situations in space during the Soviet Union was very much! Saved stations, ships, and astronauts. We are now just about all cases will be the films to do?

The plot is almost one to one with the “first Time”. Only here a lot of beautiful plans for the space (as in the American film “Passengers”). Different, of course, the situation in which was the main characters. Yeah, heroes is also two and they are “real Russian”! Great pathos comes through from everywhere: show-off the main, long views, can be simulated, the drama, the tears squeezing from feelings of women who are waiting for their heroes on the Ground. And of course, the happy ending at the last minute to death. And poor Americans, and the brave Soviet cosmonauts. And Soviet songs performed by Vysotsky in the end! In General, the pattern is clear.

The film was made to maintain the level of the “Russian bluff” in the gray matter of the population. Yes, we live now how I got in debt, problems, sometimes, hungry. But! We conquered space FIRST! Once then! And it’s awesome! We are proud of and more we do not! But we do not think that it was a DIFFERENT country, there lived other people and conditions of life were quite well others!

It then, in the USSR we have conquered space! Now in Russia, in 2017, we are raising money on TV, in the form of begging, for that would cure our children of bourgeois Germany and the curse of Europe! Here we are heroes!

The film is beautiful. Removed well. Tear break through. Nervous makes, too, where necessary. All of the template. Standard cinema for Patriotic Russian audience, which goes to the purchased loan in the foreign car on the Russian potholes and leather Mat damn America! Brushing the crumbs from another big Mac eaten them and washed down with a good portion of Coca-Cola.

Yes. And live.

Want to space. Really. Beautifully there. And quiet. And the stars so close! It’s the only thing I was personally fascinated with the film “Salyut 7”.

New review: the Salyut-7 13.10.2017

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