New review: the Salyut-7 13.10.2017

In the year when the paintings over and over again be worse than their own trailers, “Salyut-7” could well have subtitled “Our film, for which not ashamed”.

Like someone or not, but in front of us, finally, a powerful space blockbuster with a beautiful picture, a chilling unpredictable plot, a play on emotions.

The tape is not playing instruments and playing them, sometimes to the point of bullying; drama about people struggling desperately for life and honor. Nothing “documentary” out there but the General outline: in February 1985, I lost contact with Soviet space station. Our long-term support has become uncontrollable and impenetrable object in orbit, amenable only external visual observation. The danger arose — first, what is an international scandal she collapses to the Ground, and not in the ocean and on land, as happened in 1979 with the American “Skylab” in Australia.

What did Dzhanibekov and Savinykh at the station, reminded me of the work of managers-electrical engineers struggling mainly with cold, fatigue, and a strange stupidity: “Thought, depressurization of the lines of oxygen. If this is confirmed, then immediately the descent… were on Earth instead of carbon dioxide absorber connected to the regenerator, which is necessary for the production of oxygen after planting. An unfortunate mistake”.

That, perhaps, in vain missed the authors of the film — the possibility to compare the endurance of our astronauts with “psychosis”, cover of American astronauts on a “Skylab” December 28, 1973, when, unable to load in protest for 16-hour operation on the day they were disconnected from communication with Earth. Have added the phrase “lost track of time” is a standard “Land” regularly makes zarabotavshie astronauts to curl up and relax.

To the history of salvation “Salute” looked good in the movie, it was necessary to arrange for the viewer’s attention to the beacons. And that the filmmakers succeeded brilliantly. In everyday work added short-circuits, explosions, fires, disease, lack of oxygen and heroic struggle with a damaged sensor, which does not allow to correctly deploy the solar panels to work.

“Salyut-7” good inexhaustible creators on the invention of new scenes, gags and the ability to escalate the suspense, at times out of nowhere. Mesmerizing sight of the station filled with the weightlessness the water drops, happy hooligan scene drinking vodka for three with a space cockroach, not tiring extraterrestrial brawl.

“Salyut-7” was even a very technical film. In contrast to the American “Gravity” it could be called “Gravity”. It is on a full-scale simulation of working in space left the main part of the time of the shooting. Some American critics thought the movie really filmed in orbit. Weightlessness is a major and formidable opponent. In her uncontrolled spins dead station and uncontrollably float water drop, closing the circuit breaker.

The voltage supported by the atmosphere in the mission control Center — there sobbing, throwing chairs and fighting. Aesthete deem these moves to be too sentimental, but the audience to some extent needs to be prompted by emotions. And the filmmakers with this task perfectly cope. If adventure come the heroic, and the jokes are funny, the romance was quite tearful and not vulgar.

10 out of 10

New review: the Salyut-7 13.10.2017

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