New review: the Salyut-7 13.10.2017

Unremarkable movie, the younger brother of “the First”, but somehow not a healthy swing at something bigger.

In General, almost told the real story that happened with Sputnik Salyut-7 in 1985. Why almost ? Yes, because 70 percent of the plot is exaggerated, far-fetched and inappropriate. Positioned as almost a documentary, and show well the real fiction.

In the room besides me had 6 people, and if it is that day of the premiere. The film is tightened and boring, so somewhere after the middle the people began to be removed from the hall. The narrative is not smooth, but artificially forcing. 3-4 times during the movie there are some events that eyeliner which lasts longer than the denouement. The end of the steep, beginning long. Middle generally on the canons of the genre of space movies made some kind of weird. Then you and the disconnections, and charismatic head of the flight, nervous and rushing everything, and then artificially tense drama with family line. As they say, nothing new.

On the background of the recent rental “First Time” looks very second-rate. The feeling that the film was shot in the same pavilions, that one movie about a documentary and true, and the second didn’t even call to consult Viktor Savinykh (a prototype of the protagonist and participant in those events). If the first film didn’t need advertising, was an independent and truly held, that this hack trying to shove in every way.

For example in St. Petersburg removed all imax screenings of the new Blade Runner, which is less than a week, replacing them with this “film”. In some cinemas it allocated as much as 5 halls, that’s the only reason they are empty.

The film is very average, not stand up to scrutiny and the test of time is also likely to fail. Do not learn people even in his own experience. The Russian film market is poor and boring, and leaves only artificial inflating of screens, displacement of the Hollywood competition. After the movie there is only bitterness and sadness. Even money is not sorry, it’s a pity that the budget money down somewhere, I am sorry that infringe on other movies, and that artificially create excitement.

4 out of 10

New review: the Salyut-7 13.10.2017

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