New review: the Salyut-7 13.10.2017

Looked late last night on the big screen our new domestic film “Salyut-7” Klim shypenko. I have to say, impressions are more than positive. I will say more — this film, at least for me personally, the clear favorite in the nomination “the best domestic film of the year”. In fact, this picture leaves behind even the spring hit Bekmabetov — “first Time”. What are the main advantages of the work:

– Entertainment. Most of the film the action takes place in orbit and not on Earth. A lot of very beautiful moments with blue and black sky the abyss of space, a great launch when the spot of the fire breaks through the clouds, very beautiful green flashes of the Northern lights…

– The personal drama of the astronauts are just what a side dish, not main dish, as it is fashionable in modern cinema. The basis of the story — space and again space. Only he. Need including to victory back, and return alive to those who are waiting for you down there.

– The scale. In fact, this pattern bypasses a picture Bekmabetov, but she avoids her as much atmosphere as, perhaps, the depth of perception. Most of the action takes place in Earth orbit and in the premises of the MCC. But engaged in it fully, the story grabs the viewer, that is, with the head. Heroes is that empathize! And that’s fine. And Vdovichenkov, and Derevyanko, and almost everyone in this film played so that Yes, they do.

And it’s a good Patriotic movie. About the fact that you can be proud of (and should!) the success of his country. Technology. People. People.

Very pleased with the soundtrack of the picture. Praise the noosphere, the famous song “Earthlings” was in the classic version, not the shitty cover from a promotional video. Touched by the melody from the screen saver program “Time”. And the final credits on the basis of documentary cadou!

Overall, was very good – no! is a great movie. The film, which looks good on the big screen, even in 3D (I was surprised), which shows the real heroes who did their duty to the end. And still shows the Space. The infinite abyss of blue and black, studded with diamonds of distant stars… And “Salyut-7” worthy to stand beside “the first Time” and “Taming of the fire”.

Summary: Excellent movie! And as drama, and as showing the beauty of the cosmos and the power of the human spirit.

New review: the Salyut-7 13.10.2017

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