New review: the Salyut-7 13.10.2017

I would like to draw Your attention to the following. If this film is to consider, based on real events, as we have a lot of love, it can break into the nines. It is primarily an artistic picture, not a documentary. The real events there is only the very Foundation of this interesting and rather exciting incident in space. And everything else is almost completely an invention of the Director.

I would divided this movie into 2 parts (about half) first half I did not like. Very ragged, chaotic and unconvincing displays events, a lot of hackneyed cliches in the actions and words of characters, a lot of desperation. So samovolnoy during the Soviet rigor? Don’t believe it. I already thought it was a sort of standard, straight-through “our” movie, but… the Second half of the film, I was satisfied that the events began to glow, appeared the intrigue (which was not earlier), there is a very strong dramatic element (at one point even shed a tear).

What we liked:

1) first and foremost is of course the visual component. Very nice photography and effects. Gorgeous views of the cosmos and, as I thought, quite naturally made a model companion, which in combination with real gravity looked very convincing. Very happy that our is not the first time making a movie about space in such a beautiful way.

2) the Actors coped with their roles. Would especially highlight Alexander Samoilenko. Well Vdovichenkov with Derevyanko did not disappoint, keep the bar.

3) the Intrigue and drama of the last third of the film.

What’s not to like:

1) As I described in the second paragraph, sometimes (especially in the first half) all wet, naive, frivolous and poorly served. I will not cite specific examples, in order to avoid even minor spoilers, but believe me, there is this weakness and coarseness enough.

2) In a fairly heavily scored on the laws of physics. Even banal 3rd Newton’s law to take into account places like hell. Little things, a lot of questions to the Directors, in relation to realism. BUT, on the other hand, still shows that tried to do as natural and natural.

In the end, have a rather controversial film. Having a sufficient number of pros and a decent amount of flaws. I want it, of course, praise. Pleased that the Russian cinema get movies about space, and this time even patriotism was removed to the background. To “first Time” it clearly does not pull. And, do not abandon the idea that you could do much better with this idea, the film would be a masterpiece. But, alas. Is it worth to watch it in the cinema and to watch it at all — You decide. And I hope I was able to somehow label it good and bad sides to help You in this decision.

New review: the Salyut-7 13.10.2017

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