New review: the Scenic route 28.09.2017

Faced with this movie by accident and decided to watch it, intrigued by the plot.

Two friends go on a trip through the wilderness, where on a deserted road detect vehicle damage and lose the ability to move on. Being practically in a hopeless situation, they have to feel the strength of their friendships.

The plot is interesting, and I like movies in which the characters are traveling on a deserted road along the desert, luring in his fifth point of the adventure. However, when you view still thought that the film lack certain things, from which the view begins to seem a little boring. Maybe the cast picked up the wrong one. I have nothing against Dan Vogler, with whose works I became acquainted for the first time, and Josh Duhamel, known to me of the trilogy “transformers”, just the characters they don’t fit the type. Although Mohawk Dually very fit, and in the case of Mohawk, I have a question, where did the blood on the temples of the character of Josh, because with water there is a serious deficit. And how could it be a paved road so deserted? Also its not quite the positive role played by non-professional Russian dubbing, the dialogue was tough to take. In spite of the above, with the misadventures of the characters to see it was still interesting, especially when for survival, they had to unite in spite of different polarity.

Watch the movie still stands, at least once.

6 out of 10

New review: the Scenic route 28.09.2017

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