New review: the Second life of Uwe 12.10.2017

Sometimes the Oscar-nominated and such unsophisticated, without overt socio-humanistic overtones movies. But how to say? Then you and the disabled, and gays and refugees, which in the eyes of the protagonist in nothing from other people are not different because are the same “idiots”.

The main character Ove is a charming harmful and nasty old man, who in any case want the brick hit on the head, and towards the end for the head Pat. And the more lovely seem to be his incessant muttering, the less meaningful becomes the countless flashbacks. For the understanding and awareness of the hero they are definitely important, but make them equivalent to the length of the main storyline only in the case that these memories are no less interesting. Here is the same old Uwe is much more entertaining and charismatic young. And his lovely wife, is a supporting character, so it starts to come to the fore, it seems that this movie isn’t about the Uwe at all.

In the end, this dramatic Comedy or comedic drama with Scandinavian slow-developing storyline and obvious ending that does not negate the sobbing noses in the finals, is somewhat constricted, but still very nice and human. Such a right-the right movie, where good triumphs over evil, the villains punished and all love each other. And let Uwe is very peculiar, but extremely and European decent.

However, I am interested in what will happen with all these “idiots” living in this prilichnom and monotonous suburbs, after Alas? Will they bend the same line of compliance with all rules and regulations of the “real” Swedes or to inflict anarchy? It besides him never to more cheers and nobody helps them.

7 out of 10

New review: the Second life of Uwe 12.10.2017

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