New review: the secret life of Pets 28.07.2016

One of the highly-anticipated feature-length cartoons of the late summer of 2016 — about the secret life of Pets. From the creators of Despicable me and Minions…

Let’s just dot the I. the Film received great attention and incredible expectations after the first trailer with the home life of animals, really funny and interesting.

But when came the second trailer is already here and settled the first question, since I flashed the idea of the storyline, and not to say that she was…. original, fresh and interesting.

And then… Then I will say what many people upset. The plot of the cartoon or it. And the project itself from the category of “all the fun has already shown in the trailer.” While in the first. In fact, adventure is boring, locations are not so much of a joke strung from the finger and is very rare. Adults in this movie can become frankly boring for the second half, too beaten and stereotyped the plot, how it was exactly the same children’s movies and cartoons, but the kids can chew to cheer. This multifilm remotely could be compared with the Volt, where the dog traveled home to the missus, but bolt was more interesting, more varied and more fun. Just for reference.

A story idea promised not to spoil, so straight to results.

Weak, to be honest. To Zeropolis here to China. Although the projects are completely different format. Maximum at a time to go to the cinema. About as feature-length cartoon about Minions. Although that joke was even more successful. It is just a pity, as the first trailer gave me hope for something new, interesting, magical and fun. And was only the sewer stub to the banal and hackneyed stories travel movie such. With not the most charismatic characters.

6 out of 10

New review: the secret life of Pets 28.07.2016

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