New review: the Secret of the 7 sisters 20.09.2017

I would like to start with a brief summary: a dying world, the lack of food and 7 twins, born where every family can have only one. In grandparents they got smart and brave professional (Willem Dafoe), who had little contact with her daughter, but took all the granddaughters and decided to keep them. Had developed a scheme of co-existence of all seven one — to this end, each was assigned one day that she could go out, and in the evening they discussed the day’s findings.

First question: is there life in seclusion 6 days a week from 7 such efforts and suffering? However, the girls have lived up to 30 years more or less peacefully, but one Monday, their lives have changed — namely, Monday and disappeared.

Quite an interesting move is the switching events from the present, which had been missing in the past. In childhood, when girls learn to be whole, hiding and paying for the mistakes of the one who left home.

I believe that with the challenge to play 7 diverse girls did great main character (noomi Rapace), they don’t even always like. But the obvious flaw of character — 4 different remember, and even 3 all the time fell out and I was like the movie lost who is who. How could in one area, grow such different characters? Especially the twins, the more external factors of communication was not particularly — maybe worth at least a few to make closer to each other.

The film is kept in suspense until the very end, especially when the girls began to die. In the world of the happy ends they would have led a revolt of the society against the government, especially given to them skills. And that’s why everything collapsed and remained incomprehensible to me — has betrayed the Monday my sisters or tried to buy life for their two kids, but something went wrong. But all the fuss spun it, and the best — it is unlikely that sisters would have lived well into old age (they have boiled omissions), and the happiness of this life is very relative. In the end, someone died, someone almost gave birth, and two sisters left, one with the main personality, now only her, and the second with a new name.

The main villain since 101 Dalmatians (Glenn close) plays the role

wretch and causes a fierce hatred. In fact its main flaw in methods — the destruction of the children, not kryzanowska, an idea she implemented for the survival of mankind. Miscalculated: agreed with one of the 7 sisters, although they would all be destroyed — the production doesn’t cause noise fell almost in the first attack.

There were a number of typical battle scenes funny moments:

– the girl without arms cope with 3 agents, I know you can train a girl to be stronger than ordinary men, but not trenirovkah a Pro, and certainly not three.

sharply opened the door the girl and driving her assistant villain, italisize somewhere — before recklessly shooting at people, and it turned out so loving.

– capture the server absolutely did not look serious and attempt to destroy equipment another supporter of villains…

Topics for reflection occurs quite a lot: from where the world is heading and do not we come to the same utopia, to a person’s ability to survive and grow in any environment; from the honesty of strangers to the betrayal of loved ones. Go to the movies and think after!

New review: the Secret of the 7 sisters 20.09.2017

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