New review: the Secret of the 7 sisters 25.09.2017

Impressive novelty from the Director of “witch Hunters” and “Operation Dead snow”. Why is that impressive? Yes, because it’s spectacular and really dramatic story. And here is it’s not about an endangered world and the all-consuming dystopia, which many people write and discuss. This movie is primarily about love and family values, but nobody wants to notice. Many critics and viewers try to dive into the technical features of a picture or more to raise the moral aspects of it, but when I simple do not want to dive deep to see a particle of the meaning of life, when you can simply enjoy what is before your eyes.

The plot is difficult to describe in a few words, as the scale of the tragedy depicted in the film is amazing. Incredibly-the original story from the beginning to the inevitable end. I, frankly, didn’t want the film actually ended. A fascinating story amazed and surprised of their dissimilarity. Among the crisis of ideas in a big Hollywood appear real masterpieces, breathtaking and entirely absorbed.

I will not hide that many of the film in varying degrees, disappointing, as was expecting him to bigger, better and significant. Someone not enough action, and anyone offended by the frightening reality of the world, because if you think about the events of the film in some way reflect the essence of today’s problems: overpopulation, food shortages and the death of the planet. Personally, I do not want to load all this dystopia, but just recommend to pay attention to a good movie that’s fun to watch and pleasant to listen to.

The wonderful noomi Rapace tried on seven different images and have done your best. The rest of the cast looked as bright and convincing, leaving no doubt as to the ability to work on camera. As for the performances, then I have a special thanks to the directing team, because they managed to make a beautiful picture, and to convey these feelings from the characters to the viewer. The poignancy of some moments evoked the strongest emotions and has left an indelible viewing experience.

In General, if you haven’t seen this movie, you are welcome to screens.

Pleasant viewing.

8 out of 10

New review: the Secret of the 7 sisters 25.09.2017

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