New review: the Silence 13.06.2017

Before us is one of the moderately challenging and very interesting pictures taken in the genre of “Thriller.”

A young writer is very sweet and nice girl, in tragic circumstances, lost his hearing in adolescence, living away from the city in a cozy cabin in the woods. Not foreseeing no trouble, (and what could happen in the middle of the night in a not very populated area), the girl starts to chase the maniac, with a particular desire in mind: to play “cat and mouse” until the time “allows.” Well, in the beginning the game is very tense and sometimes dangerous. The atmosphere is warming, the viewer begins to worry for the fate of the protagonist and begins to more efficiently assess the situation and ways to solve small problems, namely, getting rid of not quite a balanced person, trying to get pleasure from their own invented games.

In this picture there is a considerable amount of intriguing moments that the film is worth a look. The absence of almost the entire pattern of the dialogues does not cause a feeling of discomfort and a certain emptiness, but only inflame the situation and gives the film a certain “flavor”.

The acting is on a very decent level; the idea of characters also deserves its rating, but I would like to mention that the maniac in the mask would look much more solid than without it.

The ending and the motive of the film is not quite revealed, but it makes sense to think of each viewer its logical conclusion and build your chain of reasoning on this.

On the negative side is a bit ridiculous situations (guess yourself) that also occur in any other films in the genre “horror” or “Thriller”.

Overall, the film is quite interesting, quite atmospheric, and very thoughtful, I advise you to see the fans tense and simple plot in his spare time, in order to while away the evening.

6 out of 10

New review: the Silence 13.06.2017

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