New review: the Sniper 26.09.2017

In recent years, the screens out a lot of paintings about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And with a variety of positions. Some strongly criticized the policy of the American government, others fully support it. War has always provided much food for art in General and cinema in particular. Especially popular were the paintings based on the stories of real people. Whose fate has been the object of attention for the filmmakers. Not remained aloof from the topic and a classic of world cinema, the legendary Clint Eastwood.

The film is based on the life of the American marine corps sniper Chris Kyle. Which was considered the most successful sniper of the Iraqi company and acquired the status of legend. Taking picture about the true patriot, the Director did not set ourselves the task to analyze the origins of the military conflict and the correctness of actions of the American government. It is important to show the war through the eyes of one particular person. And that being a steadfast patriot, not for a moment doubt the correctness of his choice. Though of course Clint Eastwood adheres to exactly the same point of view.

Before us is a biographical war drama with elements of Thriller. Very addictive and interesting. Episodes of military actions resonate with the staff of the personal life of the protagonist. But do not expect from this creation of the existential thoughts and raise philosophical problems about life, death and conscience. The hero does not feel remorse from committing acts, he is fully confident in the correctness. This tape is full of Patriotic fervor, however very well inserted in the overall structure. In fact, we have American agitation, but this fact does not cause a strong negative and to the credit of the Director.

The tape is very entertaining. Fight scenes shot with a high degree of accuracy. The author manages skillfully to catch up with the voltage at the right time. When viewing it is important to ignore the propaganda techniques of which in the movie enough to watch an interesting story about a tough military. And before watching, try not to read about the real Chris Kyle, the less you know the better. The ending is quite unexpected.

The main role is played by Bradley Cooper. Having a great acting talent, he manages to perform brilliantly in any genre. He’s not just turned into your screen image, but was able to deeply convey the inner world of his hero, his emotions, feelings and experiences. Not far behind him and the beautiful Sienna Miller. She received far less screen time, but during this period was able to reveal the best side.

Sniper is a very high quality war drama. It is deep enough reveals the image of a man who firmly believes in their Patriotic ideals. Yes, maybe for many, this ribbon will look like the standard propaganda agitation. But if we put aside all these political arguments, then we have a technically sound, quite exciting Thriller.

7 out of 10

New review: the Sniper 26.09.2017

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