New review: the snow maiden 26.09.2017

From the snow Maiden, as a character, quite an interesting story, which sometimes differs from the usual view of her image. The story is not one of the variations followed one another. So under the influence of fairy tales Afanas’eva, in 1873 A. N. Ostrovsky wrote the play “the snow maiden”, which initially had no success. Success came only in 1882, when N. Rimsky-Korsakov put on a play of the same name Opera.

Cartoon directed by I. P. Ivanov-Vano ‘s the snow maiden (1952) was the first film adaptation of the play. Very much noticeable in his handwriting in this work that I liked. But for viewing the full potential of the cartoon has gone. The format of the animated feature just ruined it. From I. P. Ivanov-Vano there are other animated films that represent the full-length, everything is fine. In this case — did not work.

“The snow maiden” (1968) — movie p. P. Kadochnikov looks more weighty. Here we see excellent acting, and a more serious approach. The picture of the movie is perfect, but adaptation is not without the same contentious issues in the story. If you watch the film for the first time, prepare to face them. Anyway, this version is quite dramatic and artistically most successful.

The following adaptation was not long in coming. Three years later came the film Yu. Tsvetkova “Spring fairy tale” (1971), where the same story played out a little differently. In an attempt to make the movie tale more lightweight, its a little easier, which may not like it much. The lightness of the picture is expressed in everything — the plot, the acting, the music, the whole film is presented in a more warm colours. But we have to admit — this version looks just a fairy tale, the previous film though it is, still stands.

The last (to date) the snow maiden (2006) is a puppet animation Mary’s Mouth, the creators have managed to reduce the duration to 26 minutes. The lack of this I see, anyway dissatisfied can refer to previous adaptations. The most concise version is not worth waiting. The Director of the popular cartoon “Uncle AU in the city”, “Why is the cat named cat” and “Amorous crow” managed in the 21st century to make a marvelous cartoon, which recalls the work of late 20th, but only slightly. At the same time, he was no stranger to the grotesque. There will be a question of preference. The main drawback of this work is the sound — there where some actors are good, others are completely unnatural, which rather spoiled the overall impression.

In the end we have a number of paintings with a lot of advantages and disadvantages of (each they own), but neither one of them can be called a masterpiece. They will remain in memory, however, to return to him is not desirable. We know examples of sad and even dark stories, they are not uncommon. Many of them are real masterpieces passed down from generation to generation. This film doesn’t want to share, and the children themselves are unlikely to be happy with this story. It is not particularly fun, but it is not exciting, it is doubtful. Fans to learn a lesson too will not come. It’s another movie, for special connoisseurs. If we talk about the image of the snow Maiden, there are many other films where it is presented in a more familiar way. I think that for children, they are more interesting.

6 out of 10

New review: the snow maiden 26.09.2017

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