New review: the Snowman 25.11.2017

Of today’s Oslo Y. wrote more than one book about detective Harry Hole, and more than a dozen books. The character and the author himself gained international fame. All went to the fact that it was necessary to carry the story about the Norwegian detective on the big movie screens.

What is the it was when it was officially announced that the project was started. The Director could be Martin Scorsese, but did not. In the end, took the position of Director Tomas Alfredson. The main role was given to Michael Fassbender. The script and say that the author of the books approved the script. And like there is nothing that could spoil the film adaptation of this book… but no, it turned out that there.

Norway. Oslo. Winter. A series of murders of women. Maniac comes and kills and snow near the victim’s house sculpts snowman. The best detective in Oslo, and what really there to be modest, Norway, takes on the investigation of the case. Concurrently, our protagonist, is an alcoholic. But these two works he combines. Another life, Harry Hole — is his ex-girlfriend Rakel and her son Oleg, whom he had not together, but somehow sees them periodically.

In my humble opinion the failure of the film lies in two issues:

1. Tomas Alfredson swore in an interview that he was hard-pressed producers and therefore to remove adequately and efficiently mount failed. What can I say? Most likely it is. The whole truth we know, so there’s nothing to comment on.

2. Script. Oh, and like often to film adding its elements to the plot or even turning everything on its head. In the “Frosty” line of investigation much iskaverkali. Why? The answer is no. Probably thinking that it’s better, but why try to improve something that is already so well? After all, “the Snowman” — this is probably the best book about Harry Hole. Yes, the events, the author of the water just was pouring, but if we took, you could have a script worthy of writing. It’s one thing when the pieces have really weak moments, and they should improve when transferring books to the screen. Another thing, when everything is painted well and efficiently, we can only try to make an effort to put it in the script correctly.

So many questions from the audience that have not read the book: Who is the man that covers Harry at work? (It’s not even presented) That the murder weapon is? How did the killer obtain information on victims? What exactly happened in the flashback, with skinny and very unpleasant, Val Kilmer? And by the way, the story of his character in the book is much more interesting. And this is only a small part of the issues that can occur to the viewer.

One of the important components of a portrait of Harry Hole — is his relationship with Rakel and Oleg. Then I put the plus sign to the creators because they pushed the line and carefully tried to fit it into a movie and to show that it is an important part of the life of the protagonist.

Another plus for the fact that all the same it was decided to make a film in Norway, and not in another country. The beauty of this Scandinavian country is indescribable and the Director is trying to show us, though quite a bit.

About the cast not particularly bad to say because almost all of the second five lines of text or less. And screen time is not very much.

To sum up I can say that I still have the trailer for the film was concerned. And when I found out that the Director has already announced that the movie is bad, I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be quite disgusting. It was not disgusting, but good this movie will not be called. No, I’m not mad and not angry. I am very upset that a story with such characters and actors managed to spoil.

But could threaten the whole franchise.

New review: the Snowman 25.11.2017

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