New review: the song of the darkness 01.10.2017

Dark song is a mystical-occult Thriller Liam Gavin. Budding filmmaker presented his first feature-length experience. The film showed that the Director definitely deserves attention. The picture found its audience, which will definitely wait for the next job Gavin.

The main action of the film takes place in a country house. The main protagonists of the female Sophia and occultist Joseph, who conduct a dark ritual is strictly within the home. Sofia, though serious did not quite understand what he was dealing with. Exhausting practices, which requires a ritual, explain the psychological state of the characters and following from this consequence. Depending on the lifestyle of the characters in the house begin to believe in their perception of what is happening. The relationship of Joseph and Sophia become a kind of symbiosis, as the house and the ritual of the catalyst occurring. Interest for the supervision of this closed-loop system heats an atmospheric soundtrack and the beauty of the images. The ending gives the viewer a very clear and bright idea, which adequately sums up the whole story.

The movie was good, worth watching. Liam Gavin showed his directorial handwriting, the new incarnation of which I want to see. Fans of occult themes and it did not pass.

New review: the song of the darkness 01.10.2017

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