New review: the Song remains the same 17.06.2017

“I have always believed in the music we were doing. That’s why she was really uncompromising”. — Jimmy Page.

Ask me how many people need to make a real revolution in the history of rock music and I answer that four.

Born in foggy London at the dawn of the genre hard rock as such, with some truly brutal riffs, the guitar solo of a lifetime, tough sounding drums and meandering bass parties, Led Zeppelin made a splash, shocking gentle ear for music fans, accustomed to a more soft sounding no less eminent at the time groups. It was so loud, bold and impertinent, that I was immediately reminded of the story of the pampered French, covering the ears during the performance of Jimmy page’s famous solo with his bow. It was fresh and unheard of at the time.

Hear my song. People won’t you listen now? Sing along.

“The song remains the same” — a stunning musical film about one of the greatest performances of Led Zeppelin at Madison Square garden in one of hot July days in that now seemingly distant 1973. Out in cinemas in 1976.

This film diluted the creative inserts, which tells about the backstage life of musicians, the little moments of life, describing each of the four participants. Also still fresh is the idea that every musician has a story line, small image, a kind of mini-history, invented by the participants.

Probably, here should go to the heart of the film, but I don’t even know where to start. Whether with incredible abilities to apply themselves and show, coupled with a voice that is able to carry out your vision for a few fucking seconds, which represented the fair-haired Robert plant, or with a brilliant Jimmy page, capable of seemingly everything from heavy riffs, cheerful parties, reggae and elegant Blues that is simply impossible not to fall in love virtuoso guitar solos, changing its hues and tone like a chameleon.

Maybe we should start with the man hiding in the back of the stage, but the same talented? A man who is able to get the most out of his bass guitar and get a synth to play everything, creating a truly magical arrangements. John Paul Jones, of course.

As you know, John Bonham used only the thick sticks, which were called “trees”, so famously with them handling that call this rich and powerful sound of drums can penetrate the way to your heart, “hardwood” just do not dare. I recommend to listen to all the variations of the instrumental song, Moby Dick.

Chemistry. It is present in everything, you just feel it watching this movie. Chemistry music, chemistry between the four musicians in these views, smiles and gestures, these people really were the one, indivisible.

I also want to mention particularly my dearly beloved live songs.

Of course, the famous Stairway To Heaven. Damn. Just close your eyes, listen to this guitar solo and be transported to another dimension. It is what prompted me to take up guitar and learn to play, you know, it’s an incredible feeling that you are unable to do this himself. I think that if music makes you do things to change your life, so it really is worth a lot.

Dazed And Confused. 30-minute fun with endless guitar solos and elegant party bow, has already become a classic.

And finally, Since I’ve Been Loving You. This is a real Blues ballad, Blues, beautiful and sad at the same time, with vocals, scolding to shivers.

I recommend this concert film not only to all fans of Led Zeppelin, but also for those who are not alien to the world of classic rock.

New review: the Song remains the same 17.06.2017

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