New review: the Space between us 27.06.2017

This film definitely should not be treated indifferently. In this picture do not look inadequate, bad acting, boring story, lack of active scenes.

The point of the film is not so much about space travel, love and a fantastic future people, but about the values that we have ceased to notice and appreciate.

The film definitely motivating. He gives the answer to the question how to set goals and achieve them at whatever cost, even if you live on Mars.

Then rises the question of values. Even if a person has no family, wealth, many friends, it does not mean that he is deprived of everything. We have a home and that home is planet Earth. It has air, water, plants, heat, and other people. We don’t appreciate what’s around us. The mere birth on our planet should evoke a feeling of gratitude to the Creator.

Through the main character of the picture as if we are re-introduced to the world around us and begin to notice something that previously wouldn’t or couldn’t notice. And most importantly, each of us has the ability to love, to dream and to strive to achieve goals.

Undoubtedly this film with deep meaning and very pleasant impressions after viewing it.

New review: the Space between us 27.06.2017

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