New review: the Sparrow 12.10.2017

A group of four pickpockets is faced with a mysterious stranger. But as you know, randomness in the criminal environment rare, but the consequences will not keep itself waiting….

The criminal environment is actually the abode of the legendary honkonga Johnnie. And again plunging into its native elements, the Maestro gives aerobatics, adding a classic dish a twist. Picture of air and light as a breath of summer breeze. Romantic charm and gentle humor pervade the narrative, creating an unbelievably wonderful feeling. De facto, having worked in a “lightweight” genre, the Director does not issue the “simplified taxation” and in all his glory shows his directorial skill.

Constant operator Johnnie si Kyung-Jong once again takes the viewer to the highest point of ecstasy, because such a gorgeous own the camera a few units. The scene with the cigarette and the confrontation with the umbrellas removed simply divine and are forced to revise them again and again.

The cast is canonical and cast in gold! Simon Yam, Gordon Lam, Wing Cheong Lau (the”Election,” “Revenge,” “When the lights go out”) bubbling nedyuzhy charm and naturalness. Lam Suet even without replicas attracts attention, appearing only in a few frames. The only one who almost knocked out of the team game is a “femme fatale” Kelly Lin (“Mad detective”, “Triangle”, “Martial angels”). The actress definitely did not have enough “spark” to resist such charismatic men, although the Director and cameraman did everything possible to convince us otherwise.

A special praise deserves the indescribable beauty of the jazz soundtrack interspersed with national motives from Fred Avril and Javier, Jamo (“drug war”, “Highway”, “Killer”, “Mad detective”).

All of the above says only one thing. In front of us a delicious cinematic dish made from the finesse and magic. The same one that attracts to the screens of viewers since the days of the Lumiere brothers. Magic, not to feel that, in this case, is simply impossible. Another little masterpiece from the magician of the cinema world.

10 out of 10

New review: the Sparrow 12.10.2017

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