New review: the Sparrows 28.07.2016

Ari not much happened, until the mother went with his stepfather on business, coolly sending of the son to the father is a hapless fisherman, living in a village on a rocky Icelandic coast, meeting the offspring of the guilty look of a beaten dog, continuing to drink with his buddies burnt-out life.

A childhood friend blossoming, canoodling with a total stranger standing on its hind legs at the slightest hint of its rapprochement with the stranger, lockable in proetom father’s house, listening to the padded silence of deserted rooms, indifferent to all but comforting grandson grandmother, whose death closes around him a circle of solitude, devouring, as it turns out, all the frequenters of my father’s drinking, gathering together in the evenings to not so bitter was the night.

Finding in fact nothing special, I think that the Director lost his way in broad daylight, when all it seems to be already in sight, in preparation for peaceful solutions to the fact forgotten about his amazing short film eight years ago (Smafuglar/ “Two birds”, 2008), with a spectacular turn in your life before, almost no acquaintances of teenagers emerging from their first night really that scary, just other people who are connected to one big and only one of them is known the secret of ripping off this film with the brakes depressed melancholy, again like last time, leaving a few in front of the cliff of the unknown, where they will be not only difficult, but much more painful.

The effect reduces not only the children’s age of the main characters, with a difference in seven years, one to one repeats the key scene short film where a tender age Atlee Oscar Thalassoma exacerbated the extent of leaning on him the burden placed on his shoulders dumb immeasurable responsibility making it the first step of independent life, without freed from his mother’s and squandered all the powers of the father.

New review: the Sparrows 28.07.2016

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