New review: the Square 02.10.2017

Swedish Arthouse. I have all the. Then you can not read.

But if you want excitement, then they have me.

“Square” suffers smoothness. The story is trying to master a few lines, but Krylovskiy a Swan, Cancer and Pike who they are pulling the film in different directions, from which it seems that it is in place. Camera find with a stationary camera, when the main character of the scene outside the frame, in the first half hour creates a wah effect in an hour — tired, in an hour — annoying. Indicated time frame not relative — timing belt has more than two hours. It is useful to bring a pillow or a person on the shoulder which you can take a NAP. The desire to sleep is guaranteed to come to you because of the large number of overextended scenes and flat dialogue.

Now, in fact. Although what the essence of the art house? The same as in the motto of Buchenwald. To each his own. The unsophisticated spectator will leave the hall in an hour, tops. Those who drinks tea, ottoperuna little finger, will find fertile ground for the development of internal dialogue about the fine Director’s work on the theme of imperfection and hypocrisy of modern European society.

Well-fed Europeans allegorically shown as a Bohemian, which is alien to the problems of the world. Moreover, even the Declaration of value for their social group do not find practical application. Instead of helping the middle — the crowd at one. Instead of defending “European values” — turn the other cheek. If you’re in danger, hide in a herd of their own kind, in this respect, the advertising scene with the Man-Beast is very revealing.

In General, a “Square” is a typical auteur cinema with pretensions to intellectual interpretations. If you’re a fan of the genre, winner of the Cannes film festival will go on hurrah. If there is no desire to burden themselves with thoughts, it is best to choose a movie easier.

5 out of 10

New review: the Square 02.10.2017

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